Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi all,

My name is Stacy Barbee.  I teach sixth grade math in the St. Louis area.  I've been teaching for nearly 20 years.  I was starting to feel like I was being passed by with the use of technology in my classroom.  Therefore, I decided to begin a masters program for educational technology.  That's what lead me here.  I'm excited by the wealth of information and strong collaboration provided here.

Hi Steve!  I am a member of your MightyBell space and I love it!

I have put together a collection of ebooks about teaching, learning, bullying, and integrating technology in an open Dropbox folder at this link:

I hope you like them!

Hi all, I am Vicki Decker and I have been teaching math in southern Maine for about 20 years.  I am hoping to network with others particularly in the area of technology in the classroom.  Excited to be here.

Hi all!  I am special education math teacher in New York.  I work in an alternative school.  Looking to connect and learn new ideas for my classroom!

Hi I'm Sharla, I am from Essex, United kingdom, I'm a mum of 4 and teach at one of the local FE colleges. I specialise in Health and Social Care, Child Development and Special Educational Needs. Glad to be here!!!

Hi, I'm Keith Osterberg, a newbie to Classroom 2.0. I am a grad student, working on my Master of Education Technology, and I work part-time in the writing lab at Mineral Area College in Park Hills, MO. I am intrigued and, frankly, a bit overwhelmed by all the activity in the digital world as it connects to educators, students, and the way we learn.

Hello everyone.  My name is Debra Lewis.  I have been in the education field for 11 years.  I currently teach Intensive Reading  to 9th and 10th graders.  I know boring!!!  Last year I taught at the elementary level.  I so miss them and will return back to the elementary level next year and stay there. I'm a hard working teacher that puts in a lot of overtime to get the job done but most of us do. 

I work with an Intermediate Agency in Illinois. I cover a multi-county area in East Central Illinois. I've worked with technology and professional development for a number of years but when I was a teacher I taught special education. I'm very interested in connecting teachers online.

Hello all.

I am a historian and political scientist who teaches as an adjunct.  I would very much like full time employment.  Nevertheless, I am very much interested in new ideas for developing online lessons for college courses.  I already use many of my own.  Originally, I am from Michigan, but I have for the last 9 years lived in New England.  At the same time, I have taught at several colleges within the multi-state New England area.  I am teaching several classes this semester, two of them online.  I know I must be mad.  Suggestions for teaching in history or political science are welcome.  I am always interested in ways to make a subject more interesting in any format.  

Hello Michael,

We are Qlazzy which lets educators create lessons with a deck of flash cards attached to it.

These lessons can be created by putting together youtube videos, flickr images or plain old text.

Currently, we have History of the World course but it is plain classroom recordings.

May be you can create a history course/lessons with relevant videos of events from youtube by making it more fun to watch for your students and everyone else. If my team likes it, we can feature your course in our featured courses list here -

Feel free to let me know if you have questions.



Hey, I checked this website out and the flashcard aspect looks cool. Do eductors use as like a powerpoint and then reiterate the flashcards or how does it work in the classroom? 


My name is Kathy Hartman. I teach third grade in Las Vegas. I've been teaching for six years. I love learning about and using technology with my students, but sometimes I feel as if I am just throwing new programs at them. Therefore, I decided to get an endorsement in educational technology. That's what leads me here. I'm excited by the wealth of information and strong collaboration provided here.



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