Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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HI Greg

Welcome from another upper elementary teacher (sixth grade)

Hi Everybody! My name is Betina Sho. I am a 7-12 social studies teacher at Lowanna College in Newborough, Victoria, Australia. For the last few days, I have been glued to the NECC '07 site, links, wikis, blogs, videos on demand, etc. Fantastic! I, too, look forward to sharing ideas with all of you.
Welcome from Western Massachusetts, USA.

Hi, I am Charlie Unkeless. I teach math, science, and art at John Burroughs Middle School in Los Angeles. I'm sometimes brave enought to ride my bike to work. I wish I could attend the convention in Atlanta this week.


I wish I had been there, too, Charlie.
I feel as if I am the kid staring at the candy shop from the sidewalk.
I wanna go in!

Welcome to the community
Welcome from Western Massachusetts, USA.

I am an adult literacy and numeracy teacher from Manchester in the UK. I am interested in the way Web 2.0 can help post 16 learners improve skills and confidence.
Hello, my name is Kevin McNamara. I'm a middle school technology teacher living in Tucson, Arizona.
Hi Kevin
This is another Kevin, sixth grade teacher from Massachusetts.

Thanks for the welcome message. I will write more later.
My name is Andy Berning. I am CTO for a Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD --a K12 school district near Dallas Texas
Hello. I am Ron Heasley and I live near Lebanon, PA. I am the Dir. of IT at Elizabethtown College. About 20 years ago I complete an MS in Computers in Education at the University of Oregon. Since that time I have been working in Information Technology (Academic Computing) at the three different college. In 1999 I revamped the Media and Technology course that we offered to preservice teachers. I then taught that course for about 4 years. I will be teaching two 2-credit courses in Integrating Technology this fall. In the second course wewill spend a great deal of time evaluating various Web 2.0 technolgies and their application to education. Since I haven't taught in a public school system for 25 years, I would appreciate anyone sharing their successes and failures using technology.



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