Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello, teachers!

I am Kenneth Tilton, from New Jersey and NYC and now Fort Lauderdale. I am always teaching, but formally taught middle science and math for four years in New Jersey. I also tutored Algebra for three years. Since then I have developed software for banking, insurance, and pharma.

I am here on Classroom 2.0 looking for folks looking for a way to help their struggling Algebra students.

I am a solo developer who off-and-on has marketed a best-in-class (according to Macworld <g>) Algebra intervention for students. We have just completed an exciting pilot/study with forty-six students, and here is how they reacted. It was gratifying seeing how many students commented on how the software made them feel good about their work. The software was so popular with the students that the control group begged their way onto the software.

Anyway, the pilot is over and I miss seeing the students scrolling by on the app console, so I am looking for more students to help. It should be easy. This is the time of year by which the wheels have come off for so many Algebra students, the point at which cumulative deficit in the many new skills demanded by Algebra has grown so large that they benefit little from class. Here is the result one teacher had (twenty years ago!) using the progenitor of today's app:

Dear Ken,Back in the '90s I used your Homework Tutor program successfully with my Algebra I students who were behind. I was excited about the efficient progress they made and how quickly they got to the same level as my better students after using the program.

Now I have some new teachers in my school who need help with their poor algebra students. Do you know where I could purchase your software?

Of all of the software I have used in the evolution of school math and computers, your Algebra I Homework Tutor was the most elegant and practical.


Margaret Lekse

Roundup High School, MT

If you think your strugglers could benefit from that kind of intervention, give me a shout, or just check us out on the informational site or the instructional site itself.

Cheers, Kenneth 

Hi, my name is Rogéria and I'm an English elementary school teacher in Brazil. It's my first time in internet group and I'm very nervous. I'd love to learn more.

Welcome to the world of Internet groups, Rogéria

I guess this feels like being on stage, right? I suppose that is true -- we are often writing messages with no idea who is reading them! I imagine that feeling will wear off as soon as you get into your first good chat.

You might want to kick things off by saying more about yourself, the school, the students and why you have taken the brave leap into the Internet chat game.

Cheers, Ken

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Hi everyone!

I am a certified elementary teacher and education consultant. I grew up in Canada, completed teacher’s college in Australia and taught in the UK for two years. As a teacher, I believe in lifelong learning and collaboration. As a consultant, I believe in sharing knowledge and resources to improve education globally. As educators, we have so much to give and learn from each other, so I feel that this forum provides a great opportunity to learn and pass on our knowledge and experiences with each other.  

My screen name, EdVectus, is the name of the agency that I consult for. At Edvectus, we are actively creating and sharing resources with teachers who seek to improve themselves professionally, learn about global education and culture, as well as explore the market for teaching in different parts of the world. I am excited to contribute some of these resources for you to enjoy, as well as engage in discussions about education, culture and curriculum.

Please call me Stefanie. I am very happy to meet you all!

Hi Stefanie!

Can you tell me a little bit more about what you do?


Hi people, I'm a new user of ClassRoom2.0, Thanks for the add and I'm a French of Usa !

Hi everyone,

First School is a preschool in California, located at three locations Palm Springs, Cathedral City and La Quinta. We provide child care program, child care services and infant day care services.

To know more about us visit this link.

Hi all!

My name is Janice Myers and I am a high school math teacher in Missouri. I also am currently completing my master's degree in Instructional Design and Technology. I am looking to collaborate with other math teachers or teachers of any subject that incorporate technology.

Hi Janice!!

It's nice to meet you.  Edcite has some great content for math teachers.  Check it  Btw, is FREE! If you have any questions, let me know!



Hello!  I have one year of teaching experience in 9th grade English.  I am currently working towards completing an MEd in Curriculum and Instruction.  I am from the great State of Texas.  I would like to learn more about how to implement technology into lessons and how to revise content to be better suited to the 21st century.  

Hi! My name is Josie Mittleman and I am the PD and Curriculum Specialist for Edcite.  I absolutely LOVE my job.  Empowering teachers and helping students is what I love to do.  I also love that Edcite is FREE so I am able to reach so many different types of teachers and students.

Aside from work, I am a mom of a 14 year old girl, a King Charles Cavalier named Speckles, and a Maltipoo named Jasper. I live in Boca Raton, Florida. 

Looking forward to connecting with some amazing educators here!!



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