Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I hope so, I am always looking for it;-)
Hi. I teach K-8 computers and middle school math in New Jersey for the last five years. I started with a blank slate for the computer program and try to add something new each year. I also purchase, fix, and keep track of all the computers in the building. It's a great job.

Last year I stepped into wikis with sixth and seventh grade in a very basic way. I want to extend that this year. I like how easy it is to keep everything in one place. When I have the students create web pages, I can be hard for the students to realize the importance of keeping all their files in one place. Wikis will help out in this way. I'll still teach web page creation, but I'll work primarily with wikis.

I've learned a lot this summer following all kinds of discussions online and was happy to learn about this ning.

I think the switch to working primarily with wikis is a smart move. You are teaching web creation, but in the context of a tool that is far more sophisticated than the visual design emphasis of normal web page creation. You'll be giving them exposure to something very significant as they grow older. Good for you!
Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste...
(sorry but the devil made me do that).

As Director of Academic and Information Technology for a private K-12 school I'm interested in learning what other people are doing and sharing what we are doing at Kinkaid. Looking forward to collaborating with others.
Pleased to meet you, won't you .... oh, shoot, my name is right there.
Hello all,

My name is Aseem Badshah. I am an 18 year old sophomore at the University of Washington (in Seattle), studying Business Administration, and the founder of Scriptovia is a new social network made specifically for students. It allows students to publish their work for recognition and feedback while helping other students.

I hope to get feedback from this community on Scriptovia and I am hoping I can offer my point of view as a student to some of the discussions here.

Hi, Aseem. Welcome! I'm very interested in your participation--since you are both a student and a producer of a Web 2.0 tool.
This looks like a cool site! I'll refer my students (I teach in an online HS)
Hi. I'm a school library aide, studying for my masters in library science at Rutgers SCILS. I'm currently taking a class in social software, and this is our class wiki. I want to help bring information and new technologies to the teachers and children of my school. This is fun!
Hi, I am Edwin...and I approve of this message...(sorry couldn't resist)

I am a K-8 Technology Teacher/Technology Coordinator in New Jersey. I am working on my masters in School Leadership and hope to be finished by May of 2008.

This site is an amazing resource...thanks Steve!

I love the wiki concept as I think it puts the focus on the content and not on the technology. I started using them last year. It's really an amazing tool for teachers and students. Also, I teach in a district with primarily low socio-economic students. Wikis and blogs it seems can really help to close the digital divide.
Hi ya'll. My name is Scott Laleman and I'm an Instructional Technology Specialist from San Antonio, Texas. Looking forward to learning and sharing here!
Grüß Euch! Ich bin AHS-Lehrerin für Informatik in Wien, interessiere mich fast für alles Neue im Bereich Lernen, Organisieren, Motivieren. Probiere gerne Programme im Open Source Bereich aus und lerne sogar in den Ferien. Ich bin aber nicht computer-fixiert und glaube auch an ein Leben außerhalb der Schule.



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