Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi everyone. I'm Stephanie Stockman from Lanham, MD. I work at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Md. I've been exploring Web 2.0 applications and networks. I develop and implement education and outreach for NASA science missions and am looking for ways to reach teachers and students both in and outside the classroom.
Wilbert Jackson

I own a software R&D and Product Development company named 4vision, Inc.,, that has developed a digital media publishing system called the Nomad Storyteller Platform. It incorporates a distributed multimedia publishing system, and seamlessly integrated collabortive services. I am peeking in on Classroom 2.0 converstaions in hopes of picking up knowledge from experts in education that will enable us to apply Nomad as a socially connected, personal learning enviroment that might foster day to day, and life long learning.
Hello. I'm Magi Shepley. I'm a special education teacher in Northern Virginia, and really just started getting involved with groups for Web 2.0 in the classroom. I dipped my toes in last year with a little bit of blogging, and one participatory on-line project, and thought my students learned a lot from both. I saw them being able to answer questions in writing, and verbally, then apply what they learned to other topics. I hope to do more with this in the coming school year.
Looks like we got our first real batch of student sign-ups today. Wow. Really want to know more about this group, how they heard about the site, and if any are interested enough in the discussions to play a part in the dialog. I'm assuming that someone organized their participation--if so, would love to get them to respond to this message and tell us about their experiences with social networking and/or Web 2.0 in school.

I actually think most student groups will be more interested in having their own network, but this will be a fascinating experiment.

Here's to the Greenville gang, pushing us toward 2500 members!
Hello. I'm Mica, from Ballarat, Australia. I've discovered this ning network via JINXIE, Jacinta Gascoigne, her twittering & introduction to her son's homeschooling & blogging. As an unschooling mother introducing my own sons to web2.0 technologies, I'm curious and letting the spirit of play lead where it will.
Just discovered this on Steve's blog. I'm the head at Alton Convent Prep (independent, elementary) in the UK, but before that I was in charge of IT at another elementary school, where we'd done some cool stuff with Moodle and Elgg. We're going to start using some web2.0 stuff at the new place this year, so slowly getting up to speed again in a fast moving field.
Glad to be here.
John Frost, Director of Technology at Marymount of Santa Barbara.
Hi, I'm Sandra. I'm a junior high school librarian from Texas. I love books and technology so the library is the best job for me. I've been teaching for 17 years. I have just started a blog on my school website in which I'm just writing a little about the books I'm reading. It is primarily aimed at students, hoping for some of them to comment back about books they are reading. I also have a place to put podcasts on my website.I've been listening to some wonderful examples and I'm anxious to try it out with my students.


Ruth Okoye, Portsmouth VA. I am a technology Resource Teacher with a specialty in elementary language arts. Joined recently out of curiousity, and have decided to add my participation here to my professional development plan for this year. I'm looking forward to learning a lot here.
Hi everyone, my name is Michael Misovec from Chesapeake, VA (Virginia Beach area). I am the Program Administrator for a nonprofit that provides free teacher wikis and wiki support services for schools districts.

I'm Gabriela Sellart. I teach English as a Foreign language in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I work with teens and adults.
There are so many groups here! I tried to find an EFL/ESL group, but I couldn't. Does it exist?
Hello. I'm Betty Mick. I am a rural Kansas dweller, wife & mom, part-time lawyer & bookkeeper, and becoming an elementary school teacher through online classes. I learned of this community through my Advanced Educational Technology class at Fort Hays State University, thanks to our instructor Cyndi Danner-Kuhn. What a great place to learn . . . I can't wait to read and explore here . . . .



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