Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi all,
I'm Linda a middle school principal from Colorado. After seeing Warlick's presentation I thought I'd better start entering this new era of technology collaboration. So I'm just beginning to explore and learn.
Welcome! You will learn much here!

Sue P.
Hello, I'm Lee Allan Sanders from the central coastal region of California, USA. I am a degreed educator and taught high school and adult evening education for several years, then moved into the telecomm industry as a trainer and marketing manager, so i could earn enough to support my family while still trying to live in California! For the last several years I have been employed by California's largest and most successful university system as a Learning Officer, in the exciting field of online learning. I am responsible both for assisting in the design of the "packaging" that we use when preparing our courses for delivery, and also for creating online courses that teach faculty how to teach online. I'm happy to be part of this community, and, as time permits, I shall participate as much as possible *:-) Have fun!

I hail from india and is in process of developing a website for mathematics learning. Going forward the approach will be collaborative learning and one way of achieving this form of learning is using technology. It is important to relate your learning to the surrounding for enabling the kids to apply their learning to real life situation. I constantly delve into research to come up with ideas that can be converted into activities. I believe it is important for a kid to accept challenges outside the text books and this is possible only if he has understood the concept properly. We aim to achieve this through our website. I would be immensely pleased if you guy's can have a look at our site and also give us valuable feedback. The url for the same is

Just took a look at your site. Will spend more time exploring it later. The first thing I noted was that you include an activity to color shapes. I use the same technique to introduce addition to students on my math pages at .... Children draw and color the designated numer of shapes then count them to add. For subtraction, the student draws the shapes, then crosses out the number being subtracted. There are worksheet to use draw and color to get the beginning concepts of multiplication and division. Take a look at my "random number" worksheets, and let me know if any are useful to you. If so, you may want to include a link on you page. I am going to add your site to mine sometime this week.

Hi Anne

Thanxs for your support. However the activity that you see on the home page is not an activity to teach addition but introducing the concept of area to the kids. Initially we want the kids to count the squares enclosed within the given shape and the shape here is rectangle. As they count the number of tiles they estimate the area of the shape i.e rectangle. To make it colorful we also ask them to color as they count. This way they can calculate the area even if they are not knowing the formula for the same.

As you said you will be possibly exploring the site, you will come across variety of activities that illustrates the concepts without being too abstract. I have seen your home page and found it good and very helpful. Will be looking it in detail...and give you feedback very soon.

Does the act on the homepage looks more like a coloring activity...just let me know ....perhaps i will have to possibly redo it.

Wish you a great year ahead ..



I went back to your site and saw what you said about that activity. It is a good way to introduce area. I use the drawing of shapes to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and it seems to be popular.

If you can do it with your tools, perhaps you could make one a little harder, and tell the student the number on each side of a shape, that the shape is a rectangle, and let them color blocks without the guidelines of the rectangle shape. If the problem is 3 x 5, have a grid of 7 x 7 blocks, and ask the student to just color in a rectable of 3X5. I hope I am making myself clear. I think it would add a level of difficulty to the activity as you have it now.
Hi Anne

Very true.....let me develop your idea and see how i can use your idea to increase the difficulty level. But i really see a point in what you are saying. Anne i am currently developing ideas on multiplication and i have listed few activities but i am not having anything significant to teach three digit multiplication. I am thinking of place value blocks and dominoes but nothing more then that....let me know if you have any more ideas on the same. This is 3 digit multiplication with a single digit number.



I will put on my thinking cap and see what I come up with. It sounds like you are saying that the problem is in place value, and being able to "carry" to another place. The place value blocks will work well, so would use of poker chips. If getting the poker chips is too pricey, or problematical because of community objection to "gambling", you could make your own by cutting up paper in four colors, into circles or squares. You could write a 1, 10, 100, 1000 on each square or circle.
If you like, I could easily make a page that lets you print out these pieces either on colored paper, or printed on standard white paper in the colors.

I wonder if an abacus would be helpful. I don't know how to multiply on an abacus - I am in the process of learning more about this tool. I know you can use a slide rule for multiplication, but it's been so long since I used a slide rule, I would have to learn how to use it all over again.

Hey, I'm Brad Gessler from Poll Everywhere in Chicago. We're interested in hearing all about how educators take advantage of wireless technology in their classrooms (like SMS Voting). If you have any ideas, please let me know.
My name is Derek Brandow and I used to teach in a traditional public ed. classroom. My students and I used a blog called Room 313 to do a lot of learning together. I have since moved on to other mediums of teaching.

One of the most current projects I am working on is building an online school, facilitating "flat learning". The four goals are to build:
critical thinkers
problem solvers
people who understand and use technology intuitively

Basically we are creating an environment where children are preparing for a real world experience.

I'd love to connect with people who share a similar desire and who have different experiences with this.

It would seem to me that the fourth goal requires the preceding ones in order to happen.

Yet, you can use the technology as a substitute for pencil and paper, as well as to develop critical thinking skills, collaboration, and problem solving. Technolgy can be tailored to whatever level you need to reach and whatever learning style you are catering to.



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