Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Good morning Y'all,

My name is Sunny, and I currently a teaching 8th grade reading and GA history in a suburb just north of Atlanta, Georgia. I am interested in reading what everyone posts in order to improve what I do with my students.
Bonjour. I'm new.

I'm a student teacher who, for the sake of being able to get a job, would like to remain somewhat anonymous. I teach in an inner-city high school, my subjects journalism and social science.

Pleasure to meet you all.
I'm Hannah Walker, originally from the US, but currently very much enjoying teaching overseas! I spent the last 2 years in Cyprus and am in Prague this year (and probably for at least a few more). Looking forward to sharing ideas with this diverse community of educators.
Hi, everyone. I've been lurking here for a while, but finally signed up today, inspired by the educon 2.0 conference group - SO wish I'd heard about this sooner - it's exactly what I needed! But being able to participate online after the fact is a close 2nd to having a trip to Philly :-)

I'm our school district's ANGEL Coordinator, developing our K-12 & teacher ANGEL online learning communities. We're doing our district's first-ever completely online in-house course on Engaging Millennial Learners & I know the participants are going to enjoy exploring this site.
Hi All,

I'm a science teacher at an Australian public high school. Still consider myself a beginner as I've only been teaching four years but I'm enjoying it more everyday. The majority of our clientele come from low-socioeconomic backgrounds which presents unique challenges but provides huge satisfaction when I see them exceed their expectations.

I also create software and release it at It's mainly stuff that has been created organically and out of necessity. I would like to see these tools in the hands of as many educators as possible, and to create a sustainable business so I can keep doing it.

I've also released a stack of teacher resources under a CC licence that some of you may find useful. See the resources link on

Anyway, nice to meet you all :)


P.S. I would love some feedback on Termites. See discussion thread here.
¡Hola a todos! My name is José Picardo and I am a Spanish and German teacher at Nottingham High School in the UK...
I am an Assistant Principal for both a middle school and high school. I have provided many professional development opportunities for staff including smart board training, website creation, collegial circles on wiki’s, podcasts, and bogging. Recently I have been working with several colleagues in the setup and distribution of information surrounding a more collaborative approach to instruction.
Hello there, my name is Rick Kulick from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am a high school social studies teacher, I have taught for ten years. I am taking a course to renew my certification that is in part about social networking. That has brought me to Classroom 2.0. I look forward to finding mew means to connect with other teachers, as well as my students!
Rick, Welcome. I am studying social network groups as part of my final case study for my MBA. If you don't mind, let me know your thoughts on the power, impact and future internet social networks will have on our culture. Just some thoughts not a book.....Thanks.

Hello George,

On our culture as a whole, I think that it is yet to be seen what kind of impact they will have. There is definately a growing audience out there for them, particularly those in the millenial generation. I can say for one, networking seems to be a skill that is being taught by default among the users of these networks. As the internet is allowing access to an overwheling amount of information, social networking opens an amazing number of doors for users. I am waiting to see, and trying to participate myself, the unfolding of this new tool!
Rick, Thanks for the quick reply. I think all of these social networking tools (myspace, facebook etc.) bring new meaning to the phrase "it's a small world" !

I'm a retired teacher/Tech mentor. My main job now is spoiling the grandkids. I'm also the instructor for Penn State University's online courses. Mine is EdTech 462. We're in the 4th week of the current session and have been and will continue to discuss project based instruction in the public school classroom. I'm an amateur photographer, cabinet maker and spoiler of grand children of which we have 3.

My wife and I have been married 44 years this July, have three grown children, thus the 3 grandchildren. I'll sort of poke around for a bit before getting too involved. Nice to be here.



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