In a moment of pure meta, I'm posting here on Classroom 2.0 while we talk about Classroom 2.0 in an session at the edubloggercon about virtual learning communities.

So... I'd argue that Classroom 2.0 is more of a VLC than someone's blog. VLCs bring with it some very different values and therefore brings different people (with a great deal of overlap, obviously) to take part in the community.

What do you think brings people to something like Ning as opposed to (addition to?) the traditional blogosphere?

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A focused community. The interweb thingy is pretty daunting!!!! I like this ning community as it mixes blogs, forum discussions (and the icing - videos) rather than my disparate rss feeds.
BTW NECC and edubloggercon - it's the same thing right? Here I am on the small island (UK) like a kid standing outside the toy store watching the every other kid choosing toys inside! If there's any chance to skype into a session I'm 'realstrings' !
Edubloggercon is part of "unofficial" NECC. Are you on Skype or iChat? I'll bring you in...
either skype or ichat - same name - realstrings
That was so cool - I can say I attended edubloggercon - thanks for the skype link Chris. Sound was excellent, only sorry I missed most of the event. And going back to your original question - that is why I love this VLC!
Have a good weekend.
LOL...well, I'm laughing because I'm physically AT Necc, but unable to locate most of my virtual acquaintances. So I'm on Ning, checking things out.

I did get to meet Joyce Valenza and Dennis Draper at the Bloggers Cafe.

So sorry I missed the bloggercon.

Anyway, to answer your question, I think Ning is more informal somehow--it's not like having "your own" site where you are the one responsible for maintaining the site, the conversation, etc.

You can contribute posts when you want, add things, or just watch, or pipe up when something interests you.

So it seems like it entails less "pressure" to perform, so to speak, but a place to intermingle, and interact, and share ideas.
I'm at NECC too and would love to meet some classroom 2.0 people face to face. I'm not good at connecting people's picture's to their real faces. Did we ever come up with a way to get together? I'm also kind of shy about tapping people on the shoulder and saying - don't I know you from classroom 2.0....
When is that session?

I'm having the same issue! I know there are quite a few people hanging out in the Blogger's Cafe, so you could try there. I'm thinking I'll be there around 10 for a few.

I wish NECC did what Internet Librarian does...if you are a blogger, they give you a ribbon for your badge that says "blogger."

I'll probably be at the Google Earth session at 11 today, if that helps!
Did you get a pin? If not, let me know. I've got some leftover... :)
Easy entry, you have a better chance of someone reading and responding to what you post. It's there, whether you maintain it or not--you can drop in, and drop out.
I love CR 2.0 because I'm not talking to everyone/no one. Here, there's less pressure to post regularly, so if you get busy for a week, the audience doesn't fall away. Also, I'm not pretending to be an expert here, as I'd feel some pressure to do with my own individual blog. I like being a learner and sharing/discussing.

I've not really ever kept a good blog past about 2 months...I get busy and it goes away. :( This network and others that I belong to are going to be here a LONG time and we can jump in/out at our pleasure! Perpetual party!



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