Hey, After driving across Kansas and and hopping a plane at midnight and taking the red-eye to Atlanta, I spent an amazing day with incredible people at edubloggercon. What was amazing was the conversations and seeing the faces of the minds I respect. The diversity of backgrounds was amazing but a common thread was helping learners. I will process the experience as I go but the analogue experience with these digital leaders was amazing! The wiki allows you to add thoughts and access the conversations. If you have any thoughts to add, don't hesitate.

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I agree it was a great conversation. I am so sorry I had to leave in the afternoon. I wont be surprised if that becomes the highlight of this conference for me. Can we do that again in Boston? Is anyone going to the Building Learning Communities conference? I can't go to the conference (too much $) but I would make it for an unconference!
But Kevin--I'm so hesitant to add something to the Wiki because I just don't know where to start! Sure I've done wikis with students, but now I'm seeing the vast blank page and am blank myself--just as some of my students feel, I'm sure!

Where would you (or others) recommend someone who's not done this on a professional level to begin?
I think you could just jump in. This group is quite nice and open to questions and ideas. : )



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