Anyone interested in starting a "sandbox" to see what ning would be like as a network for our elementary students? I think this would be a way to see how the system might "break" or what "holes" there are (I always loved playing the problem student in my teaching classes, now I can do it online). Seriously, we could set up a network, or networks for some "dummy students" using gmail+append accounts, then find out what students can do and if we can keep track of it?

Gordon, Kevin, whaddya say?

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Hi alice , I'm game - I've got so many dummy student accounts on so many sites! - it'll make a change to play with others
I would love it.
It would give me a chance to try out the Gmail shortcut you found.
Yes, I'm interested, too. Sounds like a good experiment.
OK, where is it?
Count me in. :)
I'm in. I'm also a huge fan of that gmail account thing. It may have solved all of my problems.
Okay I'm setting up a network called Classroom 2.0 Sandbox. The network is hiccuping a bit now, so it may not be "live". Be prepared to set up at least one (but let's say not more than 3) dummy students. YOU WILL NEED ONE VALID GMAIL ACCOUNT THAT YOU HAVE ACCESS TO. Once you do, decide on a dummy name. I'll send further invites. I say we start with one network to begin, then we can look at how two more networks would interact? As if we had separate networks for each of our schools/classes and they started interacting? I'll post up the URL when it's not acting so goofy. I'm on the road today, so I may not be in touch until evening.

Thanks for your positive response.
I'll play in your sandbox!
I'm bringing all of my beach toys: little plastic shovel, bucket, ball!
Have you set this up yet?
If so, can you give me the link, Alice?
Sorry -- you may have already done so and I am spacing out.
Sounds like a great idea. Count me in.
Just wondered if anyone had tried imbee? Here's the blurb from the site:" Imbee's secure social network is a natural fit for teachers!
Imbee's new Teacher Feature enables teachers to extend their classroom onto the Internet and establish class blogs and online interaction. Teacher Feature enables teachers and parents to work together closely to guide children's foray into social networking while bolstering classroom learning."




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