I teach at an online school and plan on implementing wiki's in my 4 courses next year. Im wondering if anyone has examples of effective use of wiki's in their courses. Even non-effective uses would help.

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We did four wikis last year with our 5th and 6th graders. The kids loves it. I have a couple of blog entries on our experiences. Assume you teach high school so don't if this helps.

To me, the whole idea of a wiki is the connections--connections to other students' work, outside sources, hopefully experts The first wiki we did was a culmination of a novel study and internet project on Frank Lloyd Wright. That worked as a wiki because the facts could be connected to the fiction and the whole thing was linked together.

I can think of some really good wiki projects, but "research" is probably low on my list. Here's a good wiki project--History of Your School District (or town). Lots of separate resources, tons of oral histories, lots of old and new photographs, maps, charts, etc. Teams of kids can add stuff under different topics. If I use a wiki it's going to be because another product won't work. Good Luck, N.
I teach American Government to Seniors in high school face-to-face and also online. I as beginning to use a Wiki in my face-to-face class, but have not incorporated it in my online class yet. The Wiki is Decision 2008 on wetpaint. I have each candidate and some bio information, I also have the calender of primaries and caucuses. I hope to have each student find new information and and current info on a candidate. Like I said--just started before Christmas and then got all new students in January. I am working on an effective way to record that a student has made a change on the Wiki.
I used wikispaces to create some wikis for my English students that were used to hold new vocabulary they learned for the semester along with its definitions as well as using it to hold some weblinks that were connected to the material in their books. Another one was used to make a wiki about prepositions and I used hot potatoes to create some exercises that I hosted on my homepage with the wiki linking to all of them. Also I installed a wiki on my homepage and at the moment I haven't decided exactly what we will use it for hahahaha!!
I have been using a wiki for about 2 months now. I have the kids do a review page at the end of each chapter. They do scribe posts which summarize what we do in class on a particular day. Feel free to check it out. Leave some comments to the students if you like. The password is ahsmath.
Here is the wiki that my French students use as a homework resource: http://mmeh.wikispaces.com/
Here is a wiki where I keep track of online resources for my language arts classes: http://langarts8.wikispaces.com/
Here is a wiki designed to help me and two other teachers plan a trip abroad with a group of students:
Hi Cory.... You can check out my wiki here.. I teach Spanish I and Teen Leadership and you can access some of my students' wikis in the student links.
We use them in a variety of ways. I list assignments on mine so they won't lose them. I post exampoles of what I want them to do there as well. The kids post joint projects like podcasts and Voki's to practice their oral language, and we post pictures and describe friends to use our grammar rules correctly. The kids also make comment pages or post other interesting things about themselves and since they can email each other, they use it as a social networking site. My next project is to write to other students who use wikispaces in the target language. One has even started another wiki on her own where she gives Dear Abby-type advice to other teens.

I also used it once so students could write their assignments from the book, but I had a couple students copy and paste their assignment so that went away. :) This week and next we will be writing and illustrating ads (using Comic Life maybe?) and posting them on our wikis. We also will be posting some iMovies on them.

I think there are lots of uses.... even just listening to our project playlist while we work and do exercises in our online book. The kids love it!
Good luck!



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