I was able to adjust my supplies list last year and plan to re-adjust it this year to reflect more web2 tool implementation in my school.

So, in the interest of a good collaborative activity, what do you think Web2.0 teachers should and should NOT ask parents to provide in the traditional school supplies list?

FYI: I'm deleting markers, colored pencils, rulers, compasses, protractors, and some paper requirements, as I can handily provide those. I'm asking for students to provide more index cards and a flash-drive! I'm thinking the minimum flash-drive size should be 256MB, but I'd like them to have 516MB or bigger.

I do provide digital cameras 1:5 ratio, 1:1 laptops with on-board webcams, and the kids get to use an LCD projector whenever they need one.

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Having DVD-R/RW's may be a good idea if they'll be doing movies etc. I wish I could ask kids to bring a flash drive, but our media specialist doesn't allow them in the library. It is understandable since its a popular way to use a hack. We don't have a defined district policy on them yet.

If they'll be printing you may request they bring a ream of paper in. I'll post again if I think of anything else...

These are all great ideas, thanks! About half-way through the year, I did get a pack of DVD RWs (they were on sale) but we didn't use them--we are trying to archive online as much as possible. Actually we did use one, but wouldn't have needed it if the kid had a flashdrive.

I didn't know flashdrives are used to hack (thanks for the info!), but I guess that wouldn't matter for us anyway, as we're 1:1 laptops.

Ream of paper--last year I had them bring two and we really ran out of paper quickly! But I think that was due to another factor that is no longer an issue. We should be good with 2 reams each again this year.

Good reminders! Thanks for posting!
Your back to school supply list could solicit donations for funding to have webspace for a class blog, podcast, or data storage so that kids could access information, files, videos, pictures and more 24-7. In having your own space, you are less likely to e blocked by school filters too (such as schools blocking blogs these days.)

I would add to the list a set of earbuds as well, and if you're feeling really industrious, a headset that has a microphone...

I'm enjoying this thread!
oooh. Good ones! I did have earbuds/headsets on the list last year, but they always went for mine first (will need to put mine away at the beginning of the year so they get used to using their own). Consequently, my headsets with microphones (3 of them) were all nearly destroyed. :(

I do plan to have webspace for them. Talk to me more about spaces that wouldn't be blocked. I want to buy a ning network where I can get rid of all ning-related links, and that costs money, but think the school should pay for that. I am shopping for student friendly blogs that are free (which is what a ning network would allow too).

I may need to just start a thread on that issue. I guess I also need to go look at classblogmeister too. Is it safe so that if my school blocks it, I won't have egg on my face when I go fight to keep it?
I have often thought about asking students to provide ear buds and a flash drive instead of the more traditional supples. I thought that the ear buds could come into play with Skype in the classroom.
We use earbuds for editing movies, listening to music while we're working (tuning out group noise), and working with Rosetta Stone languages.
Don't forget the ziploc baggies for keeping those earbuds/headphones safe and lice free. Sharing is caring... but not in this case. Ew....

You'll also need sharpies to label the baggies.
Although not a concrete supply, most definitely a tool for learning/communicating... we're asking the elementary students in our class to have an e-mail address of their own (with parental supervision of course!).
Great ideas, Christine! If our kids don't have email addresses ahead of time, I help them to set them up--which includes the obligatory parent credit card number.
(I'm also kinda grossed out with people sharing earbuds just because of ear gunk. yuk! Sharing of earbuds is not something I encourage!)
Flash drive - go bigger!



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