I got this message today, are we being targetted by spammers??

My name is sweeni, i read about you in classroom20 ___site and i decide to contact you for friendship hopeing that you will accept my request,if you accept my request ,please reply to my email address (sweeni_07@yahoo.com) or send me your email so that i will send you my photo and more about me, i believe we can make good friends,let distance not be a barrier but lets love connect,because love is a bridge connect far distance to be close

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This is a good lesson on looking at the profiles before accepting friends. I have gotten to where I check their subscribed networks and the number of friends they have. if they have an exorbitant number of friends and a lot of networks, especially non education related ones, I'm apt to decline. If you have not already, you may want to go through your "friends" and see just what kind of networks they belong to (and how many friends they have.) You may decide to "unfriend" a few...
Good point Cathy. I read on someone's blog (sorry I can't source it) that you need to question someone's intent if they list 400 friends and that they are in 200 groups. The point was something to do with receiving ad $$$. Sorry again, can't remember the exact story. In any case it encouraged me to decline a friend request that fit those exact criteria.
I got one the other day with this subject line:

Jazzy Purses 40% Off till 07/31/2007 Only Lots Of Purses

followed by a bunch of "purse" styles to choose from.




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