I got this message today, are we being targetted by spammers??

My name is sweeni, i read about you in classroom20 ___site and i decide to contact you for friendship hopeing that you will accept my request,if you accept my request ,please reply to my email address (sweeni_07@yahoo.com) or send me your email so that i will send you my photo and more about me, i believe we can make good friends,let distance not be a barrier but lets love connect,because love is a bridge connect far distance to be close

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You are one of at least several people who got this message--although I didn't myself. I have reported it to Ning, and they will delete the user. My understanding is that Ning is actively trying to make sure this kind of thing can't happen. Sorry, Dave! :-)
I also got a similar e-mail. The name alone brought me suspicion:

Classroom 2.0 dorisbaby has sent you a message on Classroom 2.0!

My name is miss Doris, 21 years old never married. l saw your profile today and after going through it many times then l made up my mind to contact you as my friend. so l want you to write back to me through my email address so that l will give you my picture and for you to know who l am. (doris_huma@yahoo.com). l hope to see your mail ok. lt is from me,
miss Doris.
I received the exact same email above from "dorisbaby."
I got the same Miss Doris msg also.
I also rec'd spam from sweeni (sweeni20) and Doris (dorisbaby)
I received an email like that from dorisbaby also. I just deleted it.
Hey All!

That is spam and we (Ning here!) are dedicated to eliminating it. Specifically, we will be implementing new privacy controls next Friday which will only enable folks who you are friends with to message you. Moreover, someone will need to be a member of Classroom 2.0 - or any network that you're on - to request to be your friend.

Here's a post on addressing party crashers :-)

YEAH! Thank You!
That will put an interesting twist on the whole "friends" thing. I'm kind of thinking it will be good. If I want to communicate with someone who is not my friend, I will then need to post a wall comment to get their attention.

On the other hand, I know as the administrator that there are times when I'd want to send a message even though I'm not someone's friend--for example, when warning them that I'm going to delete someone from the network if the keep sending commercial messages.

I do think requiring that you be a member of a common network to initiate a friend request will be great. Thank you!
Me too! The same e-mail from dorisbaby! Thank you, Dave Garland, for your post ..., so we can easier and quicker get rid of this / these spammers.
Yup...I got the same e-mail. Sounded innocent enough, but it turns out to be one of those 'my dad died and left me a billion dollars that I have to transfer out of the country somehow, if you could just help out...' scams. A little more clever then some of the other ones, coming in through a legitimate site...
I have been receiving several messages similar to that one. As a matter of fact, I accidentally accepted one and had to delete her. Now, I am careful about checking profiles... what was annoying was that it said after reading your profile several times I decided to email you. Therefore, I deleted some personal info. from my profile because I feared the wrong people might learn too much about me.



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