This is one not to miss. Coming October 15 - 19th

K12Online 2007

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Glad to see this discussion! :-) I'm "presenting" at the conference -“The Technology Specialist as Teacher Leader: Strategies to Ensure Successful Technology Integration and Student Learning in Schools.”

I was so pleased to find out about this conference - living where I do, I have no chance to get to any of the face to face conferences. I'm looking forward to it.
How is your presentation coming? I find it more difficult to prepare for these than the face-to-face sessions.
Any tips for online presentations?
I'm "presenting" too - and I have no idea what to do! Totally agree Sharon, I'm not sure what is normal or expected. Guess I should check the website, so far it's on the "not today" list, which never comes.

It will happen somehow!
Can't wait for this. Was impressed with last years content. Looking forward to this year. Good luck with the presentations ladies!
I posted my K12 online teaser on youtube and teachertube . the youtube one looks better
I, too, am presenting, but am a bit confused about the format.
I'm sure my partner and I will figure it all out. We're presenting on a collaborative movie project that created a nice professional learning community.
Here is our teaser:
Hi all,
Here's my latest teaser: Web 2.0 - Share the Adventure with Students. It's a riff on a very popular Slideshare slide show called "Meet Henry". Mine is called, "Meet Jane".

Very, very cute and clever.
Nice! Made me think of this quote: "Imagine a school with children that can read or write, but with teachers who cannot, and you have a metaphor of the Information Age in which we live. -Peter Cochrane
I think it would be fun to figure out how to support K12Online here in CR 2.0.

I can create a box for the front page with information about upcoming sessions, and pointing to K12Online.

I also think we could create forum discussion threads for the sessions, and tag them (I'm assuming there will be standardized tags for each session) so that all the discussions can be seen in an organized way.

Anything else that CR 2.0 could do?
Glad to see you all here- I'll be trying to get everything ready this weekend so it's good to see some company. :-)



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