Hey I need some help figuring out a FREE way to download YouTube vids to my desktop. Site is blocked (of course) at school, but kids need to see some. I'd like to download at home and put into Keynote or PPT presentation.

I've tried Vixy, but it's not seeming to be reliable.

HELP! :)

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Btw--I'm a Mac user, if that makes a difference.
try zamzar. I've had better luck than with vixy.
Hear hear on Zamzar. If you're using Firefox, go to Zamzar and then tools (http://www.zamzar.com/tools/), drag the download image up to your bookmarks tool bar, find the video you want to download from YouTube, and click the link in your bookmarks tool bar. As a mac user you can select to save the videos as .mov. Cool!
OK--you guys officially rock! The purpose of this question was 2-fold:

One, a lady I was working with needed to see an immediate demonstration of the value of CR2.0, and you guys pinged in with SPADES!

Secondly, we did need to know the info quickly and, as usual, assistance was there for us! You two just made my job EASY with selling these 4+ veteran teachers on at least giving a good-hearted effort toward learning to use this network!

Hi Ginger and G'day from Oz :-)
There are a number of online tools you could try. Having a Mac shouldn't make a difference as the 'tools' listed below are hosted on the server side and there isn't anything you'll need to install (aside from the web browser and software to view the video files, once downloaded.) I've heard good reviews about the following:

(1) http://www.kissyoutube.com/
(2) http://javimoya.com/blog/youtube_en.php
(3) http://keepvid.com/

If you need to convert your downloaded 'YouTube' FLV (Flash Video) format videos, you can get your hands on a free application called ISquint (http://www.isquint.org/). ISquint is designed for Apple workstations and can spit out the video in a couple of different formats - suitable for your desktop or IPod.

Hope that helps!

Yes indeed! More great info! We briefly looked at iSquint, but am not sure at this point why we didn't go deeper into it...must've been distracted...what? ;-)
Hi, I've just found miro, that makes a few things (RSS aggregator, client BitTorrent and player VLC media player)...it's a television software (old Democracy Player) for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X e Windows and allow you to save video from youtube.
Hope help
I use tubesock to convert videos from youtube to my iPod. (I think it is $20) You have to convert the video to make it play on your iPod (then you can show it to the class) Try it , it WORKS.
Hi Ginger,
Thanks for asking this question, with its duel-edged hopes. Both worked!
My son and I are saving all the updates on desktop files. Your question provided us with much-needed tools. Let no one impede us in being able to select out and bring to school the highest-quality youtube videos. Some are profound! (maybe we should ask which of the videos are the most powerful learning tools--)
I like http://www.youtube-d.com/ Has never given me a problem, just shoot the url in and it downloads instantly (atleast here in high speed wonderland Korea!). But I also mainly use WMR -- windows media recorder It works super and picks up so much.

Also worth the money to buy is a flash capturing device. I bought infine capture flash for $20 after I used up the trial. works great.

Another great resource: -- http://vconvert.net



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