Okay i am sure the answer is out there in some obvious spot but i also am counting on one of you knowing right where it is...
I have seen many flickr photos that have boxes on them that define hotspots so if you roll over them some kind of information pops up. My question is how do you create those hotspots?
Thank you

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when you are viewing the picture in Flickr, look above it for the add note button. Click that and then you can set the hotspot on the picture. Pretty cool feature and one I plan on getting my students to use for a visual literacy project.
John's right. And it's a great feature for old family photos, reunions, etc!
Thanks you guys..I knew it was something easy..as Woodrow Wilson said..i not only use all the brains I have but all I can borrow!
Hi Barbara,

I just found out about this feature recently and it might be the tipping point for wanting to use Flickr. I can think of so many uses of this feature, both for academic and for personal, like Steve said, projects.
Hi John, I know this response is from your post of over a year ago....can you describe the types of visual literacy projects you do with your students?



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