I need some help with ideas for sharing a calendar of appointments between staff members. We work with Macs and all have iCal. Is there someway we can set it up for access from our own computers?

If not, is there something else out there that would work for this purpose? We'd like to stick as close to the basic iCal format since that's where we're most comfortable.

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Kelly, it says I need a pw to continue (even to look, apparently). HELP, I really see this as a great solution.
We need an invite key to continue. You can change the settings to public and only allow readers, that way no one can make changes.
I set up two Google calendars at our school - one for staff only and one for public events (holidays, assemblies, field trips, conference nights, etc.). I post the Google calendar on our web page (http://schools.4j.lane.edu/edison/) by pasting some simple code into our web site once. The web calendar is updated whenever our Google calendar is updated. Also, as others have mentioned, anyone can subscribe to the Google calendar from within iCal. This is *different* from importing the calendar once. When you import, even if the calendar changes, your iCal version will remain the same. When you subscribe, you paste in a link and anytime you have iCal open while connected to the internet, you can refresh the calendar and get all the latest events and changes.
To manage this in a school environment, the webmaster, principal and secretary all have read/write privileges for the Google calendar, and all the teachers were walked through the steps of subscribing to the Google calendar.
Another way to share iCal calendars is a free, small-time operation called icalx. It lets you publish and share iCal calendars (with the general public or privately). I haven't used it as much, so I can't speak to it as well.
Good luck!
Kirsten, have you tried to make calendars for resource scheduling (ie, a computer lab or laptop COW, that kind of thing?)
I'm in Eug. too and would like to pick your brain.
with regards to Cyndi's comment about making iCal calendars public... if you right click on the calendar you want shared, click on publish. You can publish the calendar on a private server (ie. an internal server) and therefore won't need a dotmac account or a third party calendar host. I'm no technician and haven't actually set this up myself, but it seems fairly straight forward.

Otherwise, I'm with the dozens of others opting for google calendar.

BTW, can everyone pls pressure google calendar to offer more flexibility with the views of the calendar. ie 10, 15, 30 min interval view as opposed to the 1 hour view only. cheers
In addition to the changes in the views, I would like to see a time stamp on the appointments in the google calendar. I've had a couple of times where people have sent up appointments that conflict, but I can't tell who set up the first one (they're reserving laptop carts). If a time stamp were put on the appt., it would be easy to say who was there first.
I'm with those who suggested Google Calendar. I've trie the pbwiki and people do not check it regularly. However, when we all share one Google Calendar, it works well. Plus, there are so many import features - not only the iCalendar, but also an ability to import from online calendars. It's really worked well for us.

I'd open a pbwiki account, create a staff pbwiki, insert a calendar and then have people add dates to the calendar which everyone can subscribe to in the ical. I like the pbwiki instead of the gooogle because of its simplicity. It isn't too hard for those who are technically shy to use and it's add and edit. My staff uses it and we have several different types of calendar configurations going on. I use ical while a number of my teachers use other programs. They all seem to work.
I work in an all-Mac district and was looking for a way to manage laptop sign-outs and teachers scheduling my time (I'm a technology integrator). What I found that worked really well was google calendar. I set up the calendars (I had to have several) and each teacher had to create an account for a calendar on google. Then I gave them permission to change things on the calendar. It's been a God-send! We can do it from home, I can check it even when I'm in different buildings, generate reports by searching for just a particular teacher, and best of all--it's completely free!

Tammi Gearhart
My team of coaches use Google Calendar which can be subscibed to in iCal for regular updates. When I don't have internet access I can at least see the most recent update on my iCal. Necessary for me as I am on the road a lot. Now i need to have my phone linked!
Kevin Jarrett posted this, What’s your schedule like? Group calendaring made easy! which may be helpful.



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