Hello out there. Just wondering whether anyone has used online software for storyboarding especially some that could be shared collaboratively. I use bubbl.us for brainstorming but would like a more specific one for storyboarding. It is just my kids hate designing and especially with pen and paper but they need to plan their outcomes. The web intrigues them so much more. Any suggestions welcome. As I am new, hope I am not repeating a topic or request.

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What about a comic generator? I know Toondoo allows for drawing as well as provides stickmen or more complex characters like anime etc. Altough they might have to print and string several panels together after printing, there is also a neat option for making books.
The comic generator Pixton is a good alternative. My students really enjoy it. One of the nice things about Pixton is that the creator of the cartoon can allow other students to "remix" the cartoon. That means that other students can add it to their gallery and make changes to it. There's a free version called Pixton for Fun and there is also a school version where you can set up your own classes and have more control over what the students do. The classroom component has a free trial.
The Digitales site has some wonderful resources for digital storytelling.
Hi Anne, I have recently created a directory of free web tools for teachers. You can visit it at http://web2educationuk.wetpaint.com
There are so many tools you could use for storyboarding but one that I would particularly recommend would be Pixton. The advantage of this tool is that it allows you to put your characters into different poses whereas with other such tools like Toondoo you are stuck with whatever characters/poses are in their library. You will find a link and short review of both products in the comics and cartoons page. Hope this helps!

Darren Walker
What about plain old powerpoint?
Setting up a PowerPoint template might be the best bet, or perhaps even sticking with a paper based template. Kid's Vid looked like the best option, but the login, and tool itself were a bit too complex for a class looking to complete a storyboard in 1-2 class periods, especially if the periods are only 45 minutes long. I looked around and am surprised no one has created a simple story boarding tool that can easily be saved, downloaded, etc. etc. Something basic that allows the students to create scenes based on "what you see/what you hear".

I agree, however, that Pixton is a very cool tool, and I hope to share this with some teachers possibly tied to the study of a graphic novel. I really like how intuitave the design from scratch tool and believe it would give the students an opportunity to express some real creativity.
We have been using prezi.com as a giant poster board. You could definitely use it for storyboarding. There is a learning curve so I probably wouldn't use it in elementary school. Middle schoolers and up can handle it.
I am researching right now for next years digital story telling project and I found two sites. http://www.creaza.com/ Is a site that offers some tools and then there is a version of inspiration on the web where you can collaborate with your organizer and it is free http://mywebspiration.com/ (beta version) Look forward to get more ideas....
If their computers have OneNote, can they do a shared notebook/section? It might need to be hosted in your school's CMS, or on your own computer to work, but I've had some success setting up shared notebooks in the past for collaboration. Not Web 2.0, I know, but might do something similar
I use comic life with my students to create storyboards with photos and caption of script that they will expand upon later for voice overs or dialogue in the movie. They love the ease of using it and the sound effects. It is for mac users and I believe comes with macs.
There is also a Windows version. I love the flexibility of the exports. The students export the pages as images and bring them into PhotoStory. We apply the "motion" affect and the students narrate as the video moves from one panel to the next. More of a final product rather than a storyboarding tool.
What about creating a presentation on Google Docs? ...seems like that would work very well. ...certainly would be able to collaborate in real time.



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