looking for strategies I can use to help students with ADHD not taking medication. This student is very hyper and has trouble focusing in class. Also, problems with impulsitivity. I have used a behavior plan, moved student near nondisruptive peers, talked to the parent, shortened assignments. The general education teacher doesn't want to use games or centers to teach lessons because she says her class will loose control. I've suggested allowing the student frequent breaks to run an errand or to get up and move around the room. Nothing is working. Any new ideas are welcome.

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I had a student like that last year. I moved her out of her Kagan group on her own, which worked for a bit, but not long. One thing that worked pretty well for me was setting short term goals. I'd set the timer for, say, 10 minutes and she would have to have so much finished in that amount of time. If she did, she could take a break and go to the restroom, fill her water bottle, or just get up and move around a bit to get it out of her system. Then she'd sit back down and we'd start all over again. I also used a different motivator on top of it. She was very creative and loved to draw and write stories, so I made a book. I put a silly picture of her on the front along with her name. On the inside I put pages with spaces for drawing and lines for writing. Each time she met her smaller goal she'd get a sticker on her chart. When she got so many stickers (at the beginning of the year it was fewer but more the further along she got), I'd let her have 10 minutes to just write and draw in her book. She was happy, I was happy, and I got to read some hilarious stories.



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