I’ve put a call out for help with two specific sections of a project I'm working on at the moment - please see the full call for details over at:

I'm looking for contributions from practitioners, parents & edtechs in two areas:

1. Examples of SNS currently being used to support education both big and small projects – from setting up your own social network platform to examples of students using flicker to organise a presentation.

2. Ideas for using SNS to support education – perhaps your school blocks a lot of social network sites but you have some great ideas for how you would like to see students making the most out of these kinds of sites.

If you can help, please send your can send your pearls of wisdom over to sns4ed@gmail.com, if possible by the end of August!

Best regards, Josie

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Let me know when you have some answers. I've been stewing over the last few days of how ning (or other platform) is a value add for me and will offer safety for my kids. My students have a blog (writing, video, podcasts), have constructed wikis (research) and I stay connected with staff and parents through email and webpage. Confidentiality is huge so I can't open up a social network to "chat" with parents about their kids.

I work with young kids K-6 (gifted) and have used think.com for email and rinky-dink webpages for 5 years. The ability to interact with others is there and without my guidance the interaction between strangers is "how r u" and"come 2 my page" and "cool site". (oh great!!) They also use Club Penguin, Webkinz and Whyville for inane discussion. We have recent access to Moodle and I wrote online course for three years on Blackboard.

So again, I think outloud, what is social networking going to do for me that I'm not already doing in another way? I'm glad you posed the question, maybe I can get some answers.



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