Hello. I am not sure if there is a discussion out there for computer lab teachers yet. If not, I would like to start one so we can bounce ideas and resources off each other. I spent my first year teaching as a computer lab teacher. At first I was hesitant because I thought I would be a classroom teacher. Now, I love it and feel I am in the right place at the right time.

This September I start my second year only this time i am at a Chicago Public School with 600+ students. I have a lot of work to do to prepare and would love to talk with anyone about tips, tricks, what to avoid, etc.

Jeremiah Olson

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Hi Jeremiah, I just joined classroom 2.0 and how wonderful it is to see so many like me in the whole world! Wow! I have been a technology resources coordinator/computer lab teacher/technology support person for 7 years now and I am the only one of my kind in the district. My district has no job title, job description (or appropriate pay scale) for what I do, but I love it anyway.

I have developed tech standards for my K-6 school's computer lab that integrate most of the state content standards from the classroom. I wrote a tech. plan that was approved by our teachers and school site council that addresses each of the performance indicators necessary to meet our tech. standards at every grade level. The key to integrating your lab with the teachers is knowing each grade levels' teaching schedule; every day I discuss with the teachers what unit/standard they are on (usually at lunch in the teachers' lounge) and as the years passed I got in the groove. We have computer projects that enhance/enrich each major content standard taught in the classroom. This is not a easy task, but a very rewarding one! Please feel free to contact me anytime for ideas or to commiserate the tasks ahead! It is all worth it when you see the light in your students' eyes and make that vital connection.

I'm so impressed that you are able to coordinate with the grade levels like you do. This is one of my goals. Do you have any lesson plan ideas or curriculum ideas on your website, etc. that you would be willing to share? Also, what state are you in?

My class web page is http://www.quia.com/pages/goshenct.html (click on page title to go into my class E-book link) and my new blog is http://techvelagic.blogspot.com/. I keep many useful and fun links for teachers and students alike. I would be happy to share any ideas with you. Good luck.

Lisa, Ohio
Hi Everyone,
I'm a K5 computer resource specialist in Virginia Beach. I teach quite a few of the classes that come through the computer lab, although the classroom teachers are also there most of the time. I'd be glad to share ideas and experiences with you. Today a fourth grade class watched United Streaming video about the SE region of the US at their own pace and used Inspiration to map the ideas they heard. Second grade used Google Earth and Mapmaker's Tool Kit to identify key mountains, lakes, and rivers in the US. First grade used MaxWrite, in Scholastic Keys, to write and illustrate their African animals.
I am a Middle School Computer Tech. teacher who teaches in a room with 30 computers. I have 5 different classes each day and have found in my 5 years doing this I have "nailed" the computer class management, gathered AWESOME resources that I share with anyone who needs them, etc. I recommend you visit my class wesite. It changes as I am doing various projects, but it has great links for kids that have been "teacher approved." There are fun activities, a link to my "e-book" and more. FOR TEACHERS, I will give you my tech blog (that I just started). It has many great resources and is also designed as a community for people like you and I who are out to gather all the tech resources we can... Preferably FREE resources! My links are as follow:

CLASS QUIA PAGE: http://www.quia.com/pages/goshenct.html
MY TECH BLOG: http://techvelagic.blogspot.com/

Contact me anytime with questions or suggestions. I probably have an answer.

P.S. Remote Desktop is great to have in your lab if you do not yet have it (you can always see each monitor, can control kids screens,s hare your screen with them, and more).
Thanks for the links. I have subscribed to your blog in my bloglines account so I can check out your posts.

Question about Remote Desktop. This is only one computer at a time, correct? And you would have to use static IP's, right? I have used a program called Altiris Vision. I don't know if they still make it. It was a great program 8 years ago for remote management of the desktops. I used to love locking them out of the workstations to get their attention. LOL. I would also shut them down remotely (worked about 90% of the time as I recall). RD would work too, I guess.
I have Classroom Spy Professional, it provides most of the functions of the big companies' remote services without costing an arm and leg, plus its easy to install. They have a 30 day trial offer.


Carl Bogardus
Interesting. Thanks for the link. Hadn't heard of that one. Since I run a Mac lab, this wouldn't meet my needs, but others would probably appreciate it.
Hey George! I use Remote Desktop in my class of 40 iMacs and I can watch all 40 at once...it has an options setting where this can be change to any number u want. Also, I believe it works even if ip's are not static.
I really love Remote Desktop it allows me to do so many things that it makes my life so much easier!!
Vision software is also great for monitoring labs.
Okay... I am not specific on the specs, but I am running Remote Desktop on eMac's through our school server. It is awesome. I can view ALL computers at the same time. I can share MY screen or a DIFFERENT computer screen in the room with the entire class at the same time. Like you said, there is still the LOCK capability (as well as a curtain where you can work on their computer but they can't see what you are doing). There is also chat capability as well. My students may IM me through their desktop and I can obviously respond (but they can't ... praise be... IM each other). I have absolutely 0 problems (as I ran into some with the older version) with Remote Desktop and HIGHLY recommend it for any Mac labs! Good luck!
I use ARD in my lab as well. I love it! It allows me to manage the entire room without having to run around like a maniac. We just got a cart with 30 Macbooks for a music room lab, and I'm hoping to add them to my ARD loop so I can help the music teacher from my lab admin station. It's a great management tool and time saver. I also highly recommend it for a Mac lab.



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