Hello. I am not sure if there is a discussion out there for computer lab teachers yet. If not, I would like to start one so we can bounce ideas and resources off each other. I spent my first year teaching as a computer lab teacher. At first I was hesitant because I thought I would be a classroom teacher. Now, I love it and feel I am in the right place at the right time.

This September I start my second year only this time i am at a Chicago Public School with 600+ students. I have a lot of work to do to prepare and would love to talk with anyone about tips, tricks, what to avoid, etc.

Jeremiah Olson

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My Kg- 1 use Type to Learn, Jr and 2-5 use Type to Learn3. Second graders used to be on TTL,Jr, but theclasses have grown and there is not enough room for them now. We also use the free online Dance Mat Typing for another resource - the students love it, and they can use it at home.
I teach 6-7th grade computer classes and we use MicroType to teach keyboarding. The kids really like it. Also, www.topsy.org/keyboarding.html has some good keyboarding practice programs for free.
I have grades 3-8 for computer. We do keyboarding in 3-5 + an activity. We are doing videos in 7th & 8th, and the history of computing in 6th.
I teach PreK-8th in a Catholic School. We do intensify keyboarding for 4th grade using the old Type to Learn and supplement the other grades with Dance Mat Typing on line.
Does anyone know a site that covers many different immigrant groups to U.S.? I need one that is appropriate for 3rd graders and that covers places like Trinidad, Kenya etc....
Hi everyone,

I have just created a new wikispace for K-5 Computer Lab Activities. Please join this space and share your computer lab activities. I know you have numerous activities/lessons, but if you could maybe add one a day or as you come across something, we could build up a pretty big database! I've already added about 6-10 for each grade level.

Hope to see you there!
I taught in a computer lab for over 14 years at a school in Milwaukee and loved almost every minute of it. I started out with Apples, moved up to Macs and then overnight they took all my Macs and put in Windows machines. Through it all there was one enduring truth. It's not the machines, it's how well you integrate whatever you have with the curriculum. I have a great middle school project that is fully integrated and the kids love it:

Connections Unit
Thanks for the info. I am very excited about teaching computer next year. Especially since I found this site and all of the wonderful people here. I grew up in Milwaukee, where did you teach?
I taught in a K-8 parochial school in the suburb of Whitefish Bay. My degree is in Art Education but we art teachers were right there with the math teachers in the beginnings of curriculum integration! I lived on the east side near UWM my last four years ending in 2004 and I do miss the city a lot but not the weather. Chicago is another great city and I hope you like it there. Gotta love the lake and the museums. :)
I lived on the south side of Milwaukee and now I'm in Montgomery, AL. I think my good friend was the pastor at your school. Was it Fr. Alan? It's a small world isn't it. I do miss the lake and believe it or not - the snow.
I agree with Peggy that you are on the right track. Netsmartz is a great site for internet safety and it is best to get some of the basics in up front when they are not too bogged down with testing etc. Please see my first post about a wonderful integrated project for your middle school students. It hits the upper levels of Bloom's revised taxonomy and allows the students to work in small groups yet be accountable with rubrics. I've had kids do this project with topics from Star Wars to ballet, robots to dogs. Last year one group did their project on the Phoenix Suns. Whatever interests them can be worked into math, science, etc. I have uploaded the description Power Point I show the kids first and the evaluation and rubric.
Hi Chris,

I would love to hear from others what they think of K to the 8th power. We've used it at our school this year and I haven't heard one positive comment. The kids hate it. I'm not sure if it was the program or the fact that it was the only program used. We had a full-time computer teacher for many years until she moved away. Then it was the classroom teacher's responsibility to teach computer. This year we are sharing 1 computer between our Elementary, Middle and High School. The administration thought K to the 8th was the answer. It clearly wasn't and I'm making a change from 2nd grade to teaching computer full-time at the Elementary School next year.

I've found the information here to be very helpful and as soon as this school year is over, I'll begin planning for next year. I look forward to having the time to check out all of the great ideas I've found here.



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