Do you ever wonder what is inside of something? Wonder how it works?

You know the type - we cannot stand it until we know what is inside. So we have to open it up and investigate (and secretly happy when something breaks). I wondered what is inside of a computer - big surprize. I haven't cracked one open since the Apple IIe's. With some guidance (my professor and we took one apart to keep in my classroom.
Now what? What ARE these pieces anyway? What do they do? We just wonder. Please help us learn and join in the the conversations.

I loaded computer parts pictures onto for an example of how computer parts work and how voicethread works. We need some brief explanations, or even questions you wonder about too.
Please join us and help get this started.
Help Us Learn Computer Parts at

If you are not familiar with, you are in for a treat. This is one of many tools that Susan has shared here on CR20.

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I added a few thoughts.
It turns out I have no understanding of the tool at my feet from the inside, which is interesting because I am reading the book Hackers by Steven Levy that looks at the early software/hardware hackers of the PC movement when the shift happened from Mainframes to PCs, and how their vision is that people would want to know how to open up the shell and dig around, and make improvements.
But, to be honest, I get stressed if I have to open up the guts of my box and dig around.
Anyone else?



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