I'm starting this group just as the Summer 2007 classes are ending. Most (But not all) of the folks finding their way to this group will be graduates of UW-Stout's E-Learning for Educators. There were three sections of E-L for Ed this summer and I've had the honor of working with everyone. Now I'd like to give you a chance to meet each other.

Rather than do a formal icebreaker, how about everyone just introducing themselves and perhaps mentioning what they'll be teaching this fall?

See you online!


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Hope you'll let me tag along! :-)
Steve, indeed 'Tag' along! I'm really impressed by the velocity of Classroom 2.0, so much so that I'm working to move all of the cohorts in the E-Learning and Online Teaching Program at UW-Stout into this space as a way to create on-going community.

It helps a great deal that this space is filled with energetic educators who really 'get it'!

Thanks for making this Ning fly!

David, I'm delighted to hear your voice again. By all means welcome to the group!

Surviving Katrina, relocation, and 80 hour work weeks would derail anyone's online teaching plans! Anyway to use this kind of collabortive environment to lighten your load? I'd strongly advise you to contact Nan Chico and arrange to finish that last project. CSUEB has gone through some changes since I left. In fact I think your class was my last at CSU. Still it's important to finish. (I took almost 5 years to finish my second masters.)

The elearning group is an attempt to build come community outside of the structure of classes at UW-Stout. However, I'm glad to just network with old friends and new. Classrom 2.0 seems to be the way to do it.

I've been through a few changes too. I moved to Southern California to take care of my Dad back in 2005. Dad passed away last year, but I found I didn't want to go back to tahoe. (Luckily my house up there survived the fire.. it was a close thing.) So now I live in northern San Diego County and have more of a tropical lifestyle.

I've been working on the UW-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching Certiicate for about a year. I wanted create a program that was more hands on oriented, with folks getting both simulated and real opportunities to teach online. It's all coming together!

Great to have you in the group. I anticipate a slow conversation with some good resource sharing over the next few months!




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