OK, here's what I have really liked about Ning so far:

1. One place to store and comment on photos/videos
2. Flattening of discussion (all voices can be heard, even beginners)
3. Ability to use tools of Web 2.0 with low learning curve
3. Photos of everyone in the network

Some thing that I think need to be improved, and that I've emailed them about:

1. Some forum posts don't have a reply link underneath them
2. Not clear if you can change the license (to creative commons) if you pay for
the upgrade
3. Not clear if you can remove all ads if you upgrade
4. Doesn't seem that you can search the forum topics

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I'd like to see a way to sort members/friends geographically or by tags...

I like the idea of seeing friends posts, responses!

I also think there needs to be a better way to see/sort/search forum topics.
I agree with this. It would make connecting up in the Starbucks possible! Sorry it took me a year and a half to respond to this.
There is a page that shows all your friends, but it's buried up in the header -- and it's not specific to a single community but provides the links to traverse to other communities.

A feature (beyond who's logged in now) that would bring the "friend" idea into allignment with other communities is a privacy setting that restricts access to posted content depending on "friend" status.

It wouldn't matter much for me because I've invited everybody to be my friend ... but it would at least bring Ning more in line with other spaces.
It would be nice to be able to feed in a separate blog instead of using the Ning Blog tool. I would like to feed my wordpress blog in, rather than posting the same topic multiple times, but the html code to do this in Ning doesn't work at this time. Anybody have any suggestions for embedding blog posts from another blog tool?
I just added the RSS widget to the side bar of my profile page that includes the last five posts from my "other" blog(s).
This is the answer I would have given. I, too, have long wanted to have some seamless way of posting to one blog (either my Ning blog or my Blogger blog) and having the other one mirror it. But now that I have started or am a member of several Ning networks, I'm not so sure I could pick which network I'd want to do that with...
I also have used the RSS feature to feed in my edublog posts, and that seems to work fine, though it renders the Ning blog feature essentially vestigial. It would be preferable if you had the option to put an RSS feed into the Ning blog space, so it shows up as *your* blog rather than an extra feed. But the workaround works...
Yes, true. But for some folks it's their first time to blog, and so simply a part of their Ning experience that I think it has great value for them.
I wish there was a way to change your email address once you create an account. I have changed jobs seeing being a member here so my email account has changed as well, but I still have to use my old account to login. Which is fine, except when there is an email sent to me since I no longer have my old emails being forwarded to my new address.
I've been able to change my email address under "My settings." You should have no problem doing this... ?
I've tried and I think I've discussed w/ you before, but it seems to have the address I want to change it to already in it's "memory". Therefore, when I try to change my address to my new address, I get the message that says "email address is already in use".

I also would like to be able to change titles and add info and format them more!

You might consider putting the fckeditor , a free online full text editor - here for others in the sidebar. Free download and it can be put uploaded by ftp into the ning easily. I have one and use it for better formatting of blogs. Ning is very poor on the formatting end of things and this part of their customization effort needs work IMO. You can see it in the right side bar of EFL classroom 2.0

I just wrote a nice newspaper article about Ning and will post here as soon as it is published -- highlighting mainly good points but some drawbacks...

I also DON"T see how they can't get it that all links should open up a new tab? I have had discussions with Ning about this but they remain old school and pretend to value people's wish not to have "pop ups". That was once a valid arguement but now browsers are fully customizable and it is much better to have "stickyness" and keep the original page open than any concern for user irritation....pretty standard and more people have to complain!!!!!!





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