Creating some workshops and doing some writing now and wondering what teachers think Web 2.0 apps can do for teaching & learning - for instance, is it about engagement? collaboration? What's the best thing that happened when you used a blog/created a podcast/introduced a social network, etc.? And thanks!

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Lisa Durff and I do an online Webcast/Podcast called It's Elementary ( Our shows discuss both the pedagogy, and what we've found in our classrooms (we do the show with two other teachers, Jose Rodriguez and Maria Knee). If you need examples for elementary/primary this could be a good source.
Hi Pamela!

Well I just got done leading a day-long workshop on Google Tools and Web 2.0 Digital Imaging:

... and, if the reaction of the 12 or so people there is any indication, the kids in their classes are going to be engaged like never before, collaborating like never before, and learning like never before.

The pace of change in the Web 2.0 space is accelerating astronomically and the resources I profiled for them (not just Google tools) are truly mind-blowing. You should have seen the looks in their eyes.

I feel that if teachers are motivated to explore and learn will almost by OSMOSIS be innovating with their kids this year. There are TOO MANY killer web2.0 apps out there!

Thanks, Kevin, fellow New Jersey-ite - I'll be sending you an email. So glad your workshop went so well, hopefully mine will as well - and thanks for the links. There are just so many killer apps aren't there. The subtitle of my workshop is Interactivity = Engagement - helping us with the elephant in so many classrooms - that school can be pretty boring.
Alice, thank you, this is a great resource, I will certainly use this example for the workshop. I was trying to find more elementary and primary examples so this is ideal.



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