Can somebody please recommend a useful screen casting widget? I've never made a screen cast before; but, I want to do so now. Preferably, I'd like a free one.


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I forgot about this one. Good reminder for people that don't want to pay for a tool. I've used it before and it does the job.

I have used CamStudio to but having a bit of trouble getting the audio to work with my new DELL. It works well for quick captures that you can embed in power point or ecode on your video streaming setup
I have used CamStudio (free) but it created MASSIVE files and I couldn't upload videos to TeacherTube. So, I switched to Windows Media Encoder (free) and have been pleased with the results. I'll try screencastomatic to see how it compares.
Nothing beats free.
Mr. Andrew Pass,

1) FREE SOFTWARE : Screencast software are not available for free. But available for free trial for atleast one month.

2) VIDEO ENCODING: After generating basic AVI file from screencast software (such as Camtasia), encoding is our own choice. Windows Media Encoder can be used to generate WMV files. However, Camtasia Studio offers encoding in WMV, QT, SWF formats. I liked the Flash (SWF) format very much, becuase we can embed multiple choice questions and hyper-links within the the Flash Video. DivX format videos (Dr. DivX free encoder can be used) are small and can be played in many DVD players. Final video format depends on the mode of delivery, CD, Internet or Television.

3) EXPERIENCE IN SCREENCASTING: Camtasia Studio is a good one; we used it to create video tutorials. One such video tutorial I have uploaded in the video section of this site. Please go through the video. Further, please go through the steps given at given by me.

To provide standardized voice commentary to the screencast videos, we can also use machine generated voice commentary using Text to Speech software with TTS(Text to speech) engine like AT&T’s Natural Voices. I believe we can do wonders in creating video tutorials using 1) Presentation software 2) Screencast software and 3) Text-to-Speech software.

Please try my suggestion and share your experiences.
I just found another free screencasting tool. Check out Jing. It's made by TechSmith and is free right now (that may change in the future). You can get it for Windows or Mac. They also offer hosting at

The videos are saved in *.swf format. This is a flash file that you can view in your browser. It is really easy to use. It runs in the background (in windows) and you can set up a hot key to activate it. Once activated you select your window and then select whether you want just an image or a video.
I really like Jing. The only downfall is that you can only record 5 minute sessions. However, I went to a conference for 3 days and left my sub 3 jing files per day to click from one to the other in hopes of not losing too much class time! It is a great, great tool though.
Jing seems to be a very comprehensive program and it is FREE. It was introduced to me by one of the Apple reps a few weeks ago. I like the fact that it can be saved in multiple formats and the user can work with screenshots and screencasts.

Wow! so much out there. When I made my first one, I took a whole weekend. Finally found something free and easy. See this first screencast of my own, about how to make a karaoke file/song, for an example. But I found it pretty idiot proof. Just hook up your mic and headphones, keep the browsers in the right order and poof!

Tech Smith has a new program they are trying out online and at least for the moment it is free. It is called Jing. It gives you the ability to capture a screen image or create a video with voice. The file is saved on their server. Once saved you paste the URL into an email and send it along. I have been using it to forward directions to faculty members when I am unable to meet with them face to face.
I use screencast-o-matic, which is a free tool and extremely easy to use!

Nothing has to be downloaded--and you don't even have to join to use it!
Have you had a look at Jing?

Cross platform and free,
I am using Jing. I recently had to contact my own personal tech support person about problems with my computer. Rather than rely on writing an explanation of what was going on with my computer I sent several screen shots and a voice file. Snagit has been my software of choice for creating training videos for the past few years, Jing is good for basic video but I would like more functionality as I have in Snagit. There I can add diagramming features. For the moment Jing works well on both platforms and of course it is free.



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