So - last week there were quite a few posts about friends and many of the conclusions speculated that when the numbers went up, this feature would become more useful.

This week the volume is WAY up - so are we there yet?

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Sylvia, what exactly are you suggesting in this regard? I'm not sure what you mean by this?
I'm not suggesting anything in particular, just wondering if people have found the concept of friends an important part of their Classroom 2.0 experience.

There seem to be a lot of features-- friends, forums, popularity, etc that would seem to be there to make our discussions more personally meaningful, make it easier to make connections, and all the other web2.0-y advantages. I haven't found that to be true yet. But I don't know if I'm overlooking something obvious or something else.
Well, Gina explains in the interview that only friends can see photos/videos/posts that you mark "friends only." In the context of a professional network, like ours, I think that is less likely to be a feature we will care about. But I can also imagine that Ning, if they keep building out features, might have a list that tells you, for example, other networks that are popular with your friends that you might not know about. Or less you see RSS feeds just from your friends. Or alerts you to the birthdays of your friends...



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