Anyone besides me get the iPad yesterday? I am loving it, I was skeptical at first, I bought it explicitly to teach with.  I'm excited about it. Would love to hear what other people think and how they might use it in their classroom.  (I wrote my full review on my blog).

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By the way, I love your profile pic: Tom Baker was the best Doctor evah!
Apple has to approve all Apps. I am FAR from that place. I bought a book, haven't opened it, just a goal. We will see how that goes. There is a program for the computer that mimics the iPad/iPhone that you can test on.
I'm with you; spent my $100 for the iPhone developer ticket and am madly trying to learn how to code in my free time. Maybe we'll figure it out and start making all those apps and scads of cash :-)

As for the app approval process, you can run them through the app store and distribute them that way, or you can do it as an "enterprise" developer, and distribute them internally.
That's the major reason I just signed to expand my RunRev Studio license to RunRev Mobile - it will allow me (and the students) to develop software for not only the iPhone (and other platforms), but also the iPad.

If RevMobile is as easy to use as RunRev, then it'll be a pleasure to use.

(hence also why I started the group RunRev here on CR2.0 a few days ago)
Oh, I didn't realize you had to pay more for the iPad development, guess I'll stick with my $100 for iPhone and once I get that move onto the iPad.
I live in Canada so we don't have them yet... However I am thinking about getting a class set for our middle school. I'd love to hear any comments from teachers who are planning on using them in classrooom.
Class set would be awesome, would love to know how you get that funded.
I got my 3G one last week. I love it!

twitter: dudewithipad
We are checking them out to Students, Staff and Faculty, and encouraging them to join our ipad blog to capture their experiences.

You can read it here:
I've had the iPad for a week now and I am absolutely in awe. I spoke with the publishers of the textbooks my students will purchase to make sure the alternative e-books are available. I am looking forward to seeing what the e-textbooks are like. What excites me is that the publishers have invested a great deal in research and development for their e-books. e-books are not just converted traditional books. They will come with videos, animations, games and practice quizzes!

My only struggle with the iPad at the moment is figuring out how to get PDF files onto my iPad for reading.

Rob (my blog)
I have an app to read the pdfs. works great. its called good reader it is a green icon with a silver folder with an eyeball on it.



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