I'm doing an audio interview today with Gina Bianchini, one of the co-founders of Ning. It's part of my EdTechLive.com series.

I've made a long list of the improvements we have cataloged in the forums here. Although I don't think she wants an interview that just has me asking about each one, I will try to find a way to use them to talk about social networking, education, and Ning's plans.

Do you have questions you'd like me to ask her? You've got until about 2pm Pacific time to post them here. I'll do the best I can to fit them in.

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Ask her to make the RSS feed more palatable for the forums. It's hard to keep track of the forums in RSS because it doesn't come through very well.

Not sure what you mean. My feeds seem to come through OK... How would you like it changed?
When i neglect to check the feed for a day or so, there are a bunch of updates, and it does not list from which category it comes, so it can be tough to follow.

Maybe it's Bloglines...I'll try another aggregator. Either that or I need to subscribe to each discussion independently.

No, I get the same thing in Google Reader. And I agree--it would be nice to be able to see the topic.
Well and if you don't subscribe to a particular blog, you don't find out if somebody new has started posting.

Tracking where the post comes from was a problem but I solved it by following the 'gator link back to the comment itself. Tedious but lets me scan through the threads quickly.

The goal, of course, is to get people to VISIT the site, not jut "tivo" it ... so I wouldn't expect a lot of traction on ideas that would minimize the "eyes on the page" counts

Hi Steve,
firstly thanks for setting up a wiki for Classroom 2.0!
It´s a good one!
But I think social networking must have a wiki set up by Ning in general.
I´m fond of e-journals and I work with my teachers and students e.g. with schooljournals or Magazinefactory.
It would be good to publish articles on topics (labels) in an e-magazine.
Much power to you!
Hans - the wiki is coming :-) Thanks!
Hi Gina, pretty good news!!!
Maybe you are interested in a new Web 2.0 tool called myGoya, it´s about a new online desktop. You could do a pre-registration on http://www.mygoya.de/us/ - if you like to.
Enjoy the day!
Cheers :)
I know I am too late with this, but.... I just had a conversation with someone who mentioned that Ning seems to be blocked in many schools. While I am totally annoyed by the censorship mentality that is so prevalent in this country, what can Ning do to make itself more hospitable to the education community?

I heard Adam Frey of Wikispaces speak at a local tech conference, and he said that that they started their 100,000 ad free wikis promotion because they get very valuable information about their product from teachers. I wish Ning adopted the same approach.

And while I am at... I wish I could make an individual page that could be the same for all my Ning communities. I think someone mentioned something along these lines already.



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