I am interested in hearing more about how people have introduced safe internet use to their students. There is a lot of talk, here at my school, about kids safety in the net, but the students seem to blow it off. Aside from what we normally doe here, a presentation by the Media Specialists and signing a Computer Use Agreement, what different ways have you all dealt with this topic? How have you implemented internet safety lessons into your classes, specifically when trying to introduce students to blogging? Have they been based on the content of the class, say Social Studies, or were they specific lessons "outside" of your content?

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Hi John, here in Israel, there is a national "Internet Safety Week", backed by the Ministry of Ed. and other bodies. While we are required to deal with internet safety as part of our regular curriculum, this special week is devoted to the subject. On and offline materials and activities are made available to teachers, students and parents, schools are encouraged to invite representatives of the Police Force and other bodies to come to the schools and talk to both students and parents. National competitions are held and students are invited to enter their work.

The activity that seemed to have the most effect on my elementary students was in fact a very simple one to reinforce the importance of non disclosure of private information.
There were six steps to the activity.
1) Looking at an example of an online registration form and marking which information they are willing to give freely, and which information they would offer only after checking with their parents.
2) Class discussion about the possible outcomes of disclosure of private information
3) Visiting a web site which provides names and addresses for telephone numbers entered
4) Visiting a web site which provides photos of homes based on addresses
5) Visiting a web site which provides a map and written directions to any address in the country.
6) Summing up session - discussion about how their thoughts on the subject had changed
The links and videos here might help ...
Go to the iSafe.com site. They have a lot of information and a prepared curriculum that is great! I use bits and pieces of the program including the movies. We introduced it in our 6th grade (6-8 middle school) about 3 years ago. It has changed and been updated every year. Now we do a workshop in our 6th grade computer special area class. In addition, we do a large group instruction of 8th graders near the end of the year. I have done several programs for our PTO, so they are on board with the kids getting some more information. Get whatever class time teachers will give up to deliver this information. The kids will listen. Check my blog for some references I have found.

Robin Martin
Hey John... I have put together a collaborative project about Internet Safety: http://protecht.wikispaces.com/

Know of anyone interested in joining? Open call is just going out.
In my experiences, students have been pretty receptive to seminars delivered by outside organizations. I think what's made it interesting for them is that the topics covered are very relevant to their everyday usage of the Internet like Facebook and texting. I think also using events in the news or videos to accompany the facts and guidelines is a good way to hold their interest and understand the importance.

Why don't you use blogging as the medium for learning internet safety? Students can post different internet safety topics in a blog and also interact with each other, and maybe throw in a multimedia component to their blog alongside facts and figures, and guidelines?
My favorite source for internet safety is www.cybersmartcurriculum.org. They just updated their lessons and revised some of them. It does a great job of doing more than just safety, but how the internet works, etc. I do a lesson every few weeks across grade levels starting in K-8th. I've found that it's important to revisit the topic throughout the year, rather than just at the start.



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