Our institution (a large Further Education college in the UK) has a new principal, who sent out her first 'weekly update'. A Word doc attached to a global email. Amongst other things, she wishes to improve communication so I took the opportunity of suggesting blogging or podcasting as an effective communication mode, and a way of leading the way for staff in making effective use of technology. Private/public will no doubt be an issue but are there examples of principals using web technologies to communicate? What might be the best suggestions for her?

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I've done some google searches to try and find principals blogging and not come up with much in my area. That could work 2 ways of course - put my prinicpal off 'cos it's the wrong thing to do, or encourage her to lead in the field!
I especially like this guy and like his post called "Names Have Been Changed to Protect Me".
Check out the list at http://supportblogging.com/Links+to+School+Bloggers. There is a list of principal bloggers.

Also, you might check with Barbara here in CR 2.0. She is a principal who blogs, and probably can point you to others. And Chris Lehman. And Kelly Christopherson. Others I'm not thinking of?
Principal Melinda Miller of Willard East Elementary School is blogging with her teachers as her target audience...but its available for lurkers. She is from Willard, MO.

Dave Sherman has a blog titled Principal and Interest, and he hails from South Park Elementary School in Deerfield, Illinois.

Norman Maynard writes the blog The Principal's Office: From This Side of the Desk though I'm not sure where he is from.
I'm from Silver Spring, Maryland - and I continue to blog, though in spurts. One reason I think keeps principals from blogging: lack of time!



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