Is there a quality interactive website with visuals, videos, or online notes, useful in aiding the teaching of the human body systems (digestive, nervous, etc.)?

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Goto my bookmarks. There you will find links to some good sites.
On the nervous system, a top resource is neuroscience for kids
You also have a website called enchanted learning, where they give you printouts for human anatomy. Printouts for the digestive system are included.
Hi Jim,

I have found the interactive website above fun and useful for students.

Regards, Britt Gow
Hi Jim, I know of a great site for digestive functions. It's bright, interactive and educaitonally valid. Please visit . This comes from the Taecanet elearning service ( where hundreds of teachers contribute content to the system so that other teachers can benefit. There is actually a whole unit of work on 'Food and Digestion'. Please let me know if you wish to know more.
National Geographic, Explore the Human Body, has a number of activities, videos, games and other media experiences all about the human body. Most are geared for students and some are specifically developed for kids. This website contains a very impressive collection of high interest, high quality media available online.
Hi,Thanks to all contributors to this discussions. I could get so many links which would be useful for me too,when I will teach them back home here in India.
We are in the process of purchasing a smart board which comes w/ some great applications for doing just that. We saw a demo of a body, and you (use your mouse as the cursor) click on the body and arrange all the organs, when you put the body back together correctly it comes alive.

View their site here (or do a search online)
Don't know if you'd be interested in this, too: it's virtual knee surgery. Some of my students have found this site fascinating. You take the role of surgeon...

Human brain, skeleton, heart and digestive system. really great dynamic, interactive site. there's educational games, facts, descriptions, tours, labels, etc.. Really great imo. Something a student would like to view and read and think is sort of "fun".



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