For a Level-2 High School Spanish course, how would you teach students the irregular preterite verbs using a form of technology?

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Are you looking to actually teach the concept or have them practice it? If it is practice you are looking for, try If you set it up right, it will grade their practice and send you their scores.
Technology? I don't know. I do however have a great song. If you want to count playing the music for it on your computer I guess that might count...or you could create a timed powerpoint with the music or (I have a mac) you could create an imovie that has the music in the background and the lyrics on the screen like a sing along....
you could create a podcast of you singing the song and upload it where they could access it....

There are sites like quia that work really well for reinforcing...

Anyway the song, if you want to use it, goes to the tune of "La Cucaracha"

Tener es tuve
Estar estuve
Ir es fui y tambien ser

Poder es pude
Poner es puse
Traje es para traer

Hacer hice
Haber hube
Saber supe querer quise

Venir vine
decir dice
ver vi dar di no acentos
Hi Ashley,
Check out the Spanish website I made for my school:

I hope it helps.

To teach the verbs I have a song with all of the irregulars to the tune of La Cucaracha. After we sing and practice conjugating, there is the BK Nelson site with online activities, Conjuguemos, and Quia that you can subscribe to and make up your own activities.

Hope that helps,
The BK Nelson site is wonderful.
I am interested in this tag. I just finished the regular preterite and am planning to introduce the irregular preterite when we return from break. One thing we would do is write questions using the irregular preterite using a google doc, then your students could answer them. That way they can practice the tú and yo forms. We could then have them right about their friend and that would cover the third person singular. Anyone wanna try it? It might be fun.
Hi Ashley!

I'm in Mexico, how about emailing my students? My kids can write you back in English!
My students are addicted to animating their dialogues using They simply choose 2 characters, a setting, type in their dialgue, and add some features such as changing camera angles, gestures etc. Often they start with 10 lines or so but they really get into it add more times than not end up creating a dialogue with like 40 lines. I give them specific topics to talk about to ensure they are using the verb forms that I want them to practice. They come up with some really creative stories. Each student does need to set up an account and it takes a day to receive the activation link.
Thanks for the super tip! I just made a movie as an example for my students, and I can't wait for them to try it. I hope the Websense guys haven't blocked xtranormal on the school-system server. Xtranormal is much, much better than the voice threads phenom currently at our school...pretty thin.
...also dont forget to change the langauge of the characters by clicking on their pics on the bottom of the page.
There is also a smart notebook file available to download on irregular preterite verbs on the smartboard revolution blog. There you can also see some examples of other activities you can do using the smart notebook software. My lessons are all written for my Italian classes but can easily be translated into Spanish as this is often what I must do since Italian resources are limited. Also feel free to join the World Language Teachers group on that blog to network and discuss/share smartboard ideas and files. I have google wave invites for anyone interested in creating a network of language teachers where electronic files can be worked on collaborately.



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