Does anyone know of any good programs or websites to use to help young kids learn and/or practice basic math skills. (e.g. arithmetic, prime numbers, etc)

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*The two people who made this blog are Ashley Roueche and Alissa Hlavac.

also, a website that is fun is:
yay math
The BBC is no longer updating this file though it's still there as a reference.
Here are a few to explore: (interactive activities for K-6, may be visually overwhelming for some students) - National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Great that it's almost the weekend as you will need that much time to go through these sites!
I like It is a fee based site (and no I do not work for them). There is a free 30 day trial for educators. Check out the website and perhaps you will like it too. It is good for perhaps 2nd grade through algegbra...
That link no longer works; the updated one is

These are a couple of sites that will lead you to some good games.
There's some great ones in this list:
This one is another great one when connecting to standards:
Good luck!
Try they have some nice games
You may visit my blog . There you will find many mathematics activities andproject ideas. In students corner , one student has done a project of finding prime numbers by sieve's method.Student's corner link is on LHS in labels.
Be in touch!
This isn't basic math but rather conceptual math, within the framework of Teaching For Understanding, a Harvard Project Zero initiative:
Usable Knowledge: Teaching for understanding with technology
How about some of the Open Source programs like Tux of Math Command. It's Math Academy starts with recognizing numbers and moves through addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, then addition, subtraction multiplication and division of negative integers. Pretty much covers basic math skills from Kindergarten to middle school.
Best part all of this is free.



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