Does anyone know of any good programs or websites to use to help young kids learn and/or practice basic math skills. (e.g. arithmetic, prime numbers, etc)

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I use and (under quick flash) for multiplication
Have you ever heard of delicious? You can add me to your network and find tons of activities by looking at the people in network.! My network name is kdharding. has some very primary calendar skills.
Hi Alissa,
Did you find what you were looking for? I'm looking for something similar for my 15-year-old daughter in year 9 - trying to re-engage her with maths. She is thoroughly demotivated with boring teaching so anything that would get her intrigued and more motivated would be great.
Hi Alissa! I've been working on a website that is a searchable database for just interactive sites, review games, and tutorials categorized by subject and keywords. You can browse the math subtopics or search using a more specific term. All of these sites are student tested. The lame games didn't make the cut. The site isn't finished yet, but most of the math sites are there. I'm constantly searching and adding new things, so the list will be growing. Here's the site:
Check out the FREE Teacher Toolbar with tons of math resources at

Highlights that I don't already see listed here include:
I like Lots of fun games for both math and English.
I have used It is a site that the students really love because there are a variety of games that allow the students to use real-life applications for basic math concepts. I have had students do this at home and their favorite game is one called coffeeshop. It is a fun way for them to review and apply concepts.
A good math site that has lessons as well as games is AAA math. Students can use this site to get a better understanding of something that they may not have learned well enough during class. Students can also practice problems and the computer will check their mistakes.
Someone may have already said this but the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics has an interactive activity site:

I have had a lot of success with it. very basic
I'm not sure how young you're talking about, but MathCats is one that I've used with my lower primary students:

End of the year second graders as well as third graders enjoy practicing their multiplication facts on
They also love listening to the multiplication songs from the SmartShorties site: (I bought the CD, but many of my students like listening to the songs
while they are using the computers in the Library Media Center.

MathPlayground was already mentioned-besides having Interactive games, it has videos that my students
have liked to use for review:

Speaking of videos, here's a couple Web pages that are worth mentioning:
*Math5Live (5th grade)
*Math 6 Spy Guys



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