Does anyone know how to incorporate technology into teaching the content of shakespeare?

Bree Schultz-Tori McDaniel-Nicole Shutheiss

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I have mixed feelings about "Second Life" in education (largely because of the technology requirements), but I think I have heard of someone doing Shakespeare in SL. Would actually be very interesting, I think, and performance arts in that medium should be fascinating to watch.

I can also see many of the ways in which wikis and blogs are being used for general "English" classes coming into play. You can click on the "english" tag to the right to see some discussions.
Croquet on a Smartboard would be an awesome way to do an interactive story (or parts of a story in this case) !

Hope that helpes !
Check out Google Lit trips. I believe there are some for Shakespeare and if not looking at what is there will inspire you to make your own. We also did some work with Sketch-up and a Shakespeare unit having the students create sketchups of the globe theater.
As a group we were able to find this website: This is a lesson plan that we found to be very benficial if applied to the right age group which we thought eigth grade and up would fit. Using technology, like a video camera to record a play done by the students could even be extended to have them then create a movie trailer with the footage.
Bree Schultz-Tori McDonald-Nicole Shultheiss
Yes, there is a complete set of formative assessments for all the major plays on Yacapaca. Here's a list; they are all free to use; hope you find them useful!



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