I am currently setting up several packages for the schools I work in. One of these is podcasting to help develop Literacy skills.

As well as training teachers in using ICT tools I make a point of connecting it very closely to the subject they are teaching. I work in primary schools only so this is for 5 - 11 year olds.

Before getting children to make their own podcasts I want them to listen to a range of podcasts from very good to pretty poor. This helps them develop a reflective approach to their own learning and what they are aiming to achieve. This is called assessment for learning in the UK.

We all know there are a variety of styles or genres of speaking, so what I am hoping is that you wilsl hare with me if you know of any good sites with podcasts which would be suitable for this age range to listen to.

With big hopes


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We are doing a podcast literacy project too (big kids reading for little ones) and I too want to share a set of good and bad podcasts so older kids can develop their own criteria for quality podcasts. I'll post any I find and hope Clrm 2.0 turns up some useful ones for you, too.
Hi Alan - one site for you to check out is the School Podcast Dirctory at http://recap.ltd.uk/podcasting/schools/index.php there are some excellent examples there from around the world - including my own Cefn Fforest Podcast from Wales. You could also check out the Education K-12 section of the Pododmatic site ( check it out first before you use it with students). I hope that this will be helpful
Thank you Paul

I will check these out soon


I have the entire range of quality in the podcasts I did in the last school year. In general, my approach is record it, minimally edit it, and get the darn thing posted. In addition, I have a really poor sound-quality digital recorder. The subject, and conversation quality however, is pretty good:


Some of the files are "dead" because they are on a moribund file sharing service.
Thanks Alice I will check this out tomorrow. Great stuff!!




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