This website is from Stacy Bethel’s class. She is a first grade teacher. The website was awesome. She had pictures sharing about her. She had pictures of the kids from the first week of school. She had pictures taking you on a tour of her classroom. She listed directions for guided reading. She had information about spelling words. It is a great website to use as a guide. It was very inviting and easy to navigate through.

This website is for Mrs. Reed’s first grade class. Wow! What an amazing site. The site opens to a door. You have to knock on the door to continue onto the site. It was very cute. My children enjoyed it. She also had music for each page of her website. She introduced herself. She listed class rules and the page for this had a police theme. Each rule was marked by a policeman’s flashlight. It was just a very cute, inviting website. She certainly put a lot of thought into it. I saw more of a theme to it and I would like to do something like that on mine.

This website is for Diann Cavines. She is a middle school technology teacher. It was a well developed website. It wasn’t ‘my’ favorite because I enjoy the cute ones geared towards the little people. However, I chose it because I think it was a good website. She provided the standards of learning. I think this is appropriate because of the age group of the kids she is teaching. She also has a page on there for virtual portfolios. I think that is a great way to highlight student’s work. A great way for parents to be checking to see what the class is doing. I also liked that she had a link to the middle school’s website as well. Again, it was a simple website but it was inviting and provided the information that was necessary. I like the virtual portfolio. I certainly would want to show off what we are doing in our classroom.

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