Does anyone have any experience with the Hitachi FX series of interactive whiteboards? My districts business manager thinks they are a better buy than Smartboards, but the Tech Committee had suggested Smartboards. I've never used one, but I do have experience with Smartboards. Any feedback is appreciated!

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I have to agree with Wade. The software that comes with the SMARTboard is excellent - far better than anything else I've seen. It has been designed with education in mind and teachers are often consulted when they design upgrades. All of the teachers I work with find it easy to use. I've heard competitors claim that the board is fragile, but this isn't true. My oldest board is over 8 years old and it still works great. The software is constantly upgraded, keeping even our oldest boards current. The pens aren't required to use the board, which is nice if they become lost or walk. The pens don't need batteries which is also a plus. The bottom line, though, is the software. It's really, really good. You should compare software closely before you make your decision. If you can visit schools that use the boards, that would be good too. We are in Tarrytown, NY; you are more than welcome to see our SMARTboards in action if you are close by...



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