We are considering giving our teachers/students access to Moodle. Our administration would like to know:

1) Can Moodle forums, chats, and other modules be filtered in a fashion similar to e-mail filtering?

Thank you!


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That is a huge district. Do you admin that whole site yourself?

If you're looking for an exemplary Moodle, check out www.mathtrain.com.
No, we have IT people who are in charge of setting it up, doing training, etc. I'm lucky I just get to do the creative stuff. Speaking of creative-- have you seen http://scratch.mit.edu and http://www.alice.org? The kids started exploring scratch I'll be looking at alice.org tomorrow. N.
I'm familiar with both (but more with scratch). One cool thing, if you think of Moodle as a storage container for all of your class work/activities/schedule/etc., you could create a glossary, database or just web pages of student's work, including their scratch games.

I'm sure you know you can embed videos from youtube/teachertube, but you can also embed nearly any other type of code into Moodle by using the <> button in the text editor. I have a short video that explains the process if you're curious (it's located on my blog).

It's good that you don't have to do the admin stuff; it was such a pain for our sites that we automated it (now students and teachers can register themselves and teachers can create as many courses as they need w/o contacting an administrator).
I recently started using Moodle for my 3rd and 4th grade classroom. I set it up myself after waiting since April for my IT guys to set it up. I'm actually glad one of them suggested looking for a hosting service; I'm using GoDaddy and am very pleased with the ease of setup.
I'm using the assignments for students to answer and explain math problems, and I'm using the blogs for students to use for journaling for a variety of topics. The kids have really taken to it; I think I'll be busier than I want keeping up with their productions. The neat thing about Moodle is that my student teacher and practicum teachers can do some tutoring outside of their in class time. I've also invited one our local teacher colleges to provide tutors via the Moodle-planned for nest semester.
How do I block students from blogging? They seem to like to use it for social networking that is not school related. Thanks
Kelly, you can only block blogging as the administrator of your Moodle site as a whole (your site actually has several options including: "disable blog system completely" which is what we do at Globalclassroom.us).

These are the other choices:
The world can read entries (full accessibility)
All site users can see all blog entries
Users can only see blogs of those who share a course
Users can only see blogs of those who share a group
Users can only see their own blog

The command to affect this is located from the Admin interface: --> Site Policies

if your administrator has any questions please feel free to contact me jthibault@globalclassroom.us
I am the adminstrator of our Moodle site, but can't figure out how to block blogging. I would like to "disable blog system completely" Can you tell me how to do this? Thanks
yes, go to your admin block on the home page of your Moodle.

Click "Security"

Click "Site Policies" and that drop down is located on the site policies page next to the option "Blog visibility". Just be sure to select "disable blog system completely" and update at the bottom of the bottom of the page.
Thanks so much! I have been to a couple of Moodle workshops and no one was able to answer that question for me. I figure if my students want to discuss educational info - they can do so in the forum. Thanks again!
Moodle - we love it. The nice part of using Moodle is the ability to embed many other 2.0 tools - my favorites are voicethread.com and backchannel rooms like meeborooms.com

Journals are also done very easily in Moodle and it makes the teachers role of replying much simpler than dragging home those notebooks.

We use the forums to extend classroom discussion -- also, schedule online chats for students to collaborate outside of class while being monitored.

Storage of handouts and weblinks (embeded del.icio.us) works well too.
You gotta love RSS

I even have elementary teachers put their wikispaces into the Moodle environment - looks to their students like they are still in-house.
I love the embedding. I am going to put a wikispaces wiki in a Moodle for use rather than the wiki feature that comes with Moodle. Wikispaces is easier than the clunky version Moodle supplies.
Thanks for sharing,
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