I'm letting people know that there is a group of educators who are discussing the book A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. I am encouraging those who are interested to check out my blog here to get the link over to the wiki where the discussion is taking place.

Now, for those who would be interested, I'd be willing to also discuss various aspects of the book here on this forum. I think the book has many things that we, as educators, can use as we try to navigate the road that we are building with the web2.0 tools. If you are interested, have read the book or would like to join in on the discussion, this is where we might start.

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I really like this idea, it's just not great timing for me with that particular book. What if we expanded a bit? What I've done is to create a forum category for "Book Discussions," allowing a less time-dependent way to talk about particular books. I've moved your original post into that category, and then I think we might add Friedman's TWIF, Wikinomics, and whatever other books are high on people's lists. What think you?
I have read a whole new mind and I have bookmarked the sites he mentions in the book. I will post them to the wiki at some point. In all of my free time. :)
I came upon this site the other day, referred to by Bob Sprankle: Pink Links , by Glenn Malone. I thought is was a unique way to link to examples of the Six Senses of the Conceptual Age referenced by Daniel Pink in his book.
A great book, perfectly compatible with what we need to be thinking about. Will definitely check out your blog!
I just ordered A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink from my local library. I read TWIF and I'd love to have a place to discuss these books. Thanks for the great idea! I'll be back too.
FYI - A friend recently shared this video with me. It is called: Did You Know? by Karl Fisch

Video Details from Teacher Tube:
Wonderful, concise video that helps raise awareness of the issues of globalization in our newly connected world first raised in Thomas Friedman's book, The World is Flat. Karl Fisch remixed content from David Warlick, Thomas Friedman, Ian Jukes, Ray Kurzweil and others, added some music, and came up with the following presentation.

Download:Did You Know - by Karl Fisch - Powered by TeacherTube.com



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