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I am looking for examples of VoiceThread projects from teachers and classrooms. I would really appreciate it if you could share your experience in my Instructional Technology for Elementary Educators Classroom 2.0 site. There are lots of topics to join in discussion and you are more than welcome to join all our discussions. The more the better!!!

We are beginning a unit now on VoiceThread and I would love for my students to see examples from your classrooms. These students are all going to be classroom teachers very, very soon. The discussion is called VoiceThread.

Also, have you found another tool like this that you would like to share, we would love to hear about it.

Our classroom 2.0 ning site is: http://tecs390fhsu.ning.com/">http://tecs390fhsu.ning.com/

Come join us please.

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I recommend any and all to help Cyndi and her project/students. Sorry Cyndi, I'll make a post shortly. Been overwhelmed recently with my own workshops.....

Voicethread to me has outstanding features which far surpass many other applications out there in terms of learning. I'm sure many others here have examples there though I am disappointed in the low elevation it is flying at. I'd of thought it would take off. Perhaps I guess, there isn't yet the very ubiquitous comfort level of using the microphone, though I do think our students don't have that problem and it is a barrier for educators only....

I love so many possibilities there but mostly because it is so "simple yet controlled". A perfect example of a new technology that might rival the pencil.

A colleague and I just looked at Voicethread and were both impressed! This technology has nice feel. With the voice option it is easy to address the writing process during the creation of the narrative. I think that using an audio narrative might indirectly lead to students being more reflective in the writing of their dialogues. This is good stuff!
I agree about the Microphone issue. This is an online class and I have students (future teachers) that have computers of all types and ages. Unfortunately, on the Windows side of things, mics seem to be a real problem. Not sure why, but they are. On the Mac side, it is so darn easy!!! Really wish I could just require them all to use a Mac!!!

I just discovered VoiceThread, it is so cool, I can see so many possibilities for the classroom. I just had to expose these future teachers to this tool. Hopefully they will all be successful in completing a project.

For now it is free, but I wonder how long that will be true.
thanks, you are always have so much information to share with my students.
We are voice thread fans here too.

Here is some student work on the topic of projects that tackle Sports Ethics.
Students are 16 - studying on full time sports vocational courses. We deliver through football.

I hope this helps.

These are great we have a leadership conference on campus for Kids called Leadership On & Off the Field. These fit right into that. I shared your site with the director. They were so excited. thanks!!!
Did you see this one? I am not sure how I found it, but am also using it in workshop!

So cool. Thanks for sharing. I hope to have quite a collection to share with my students. And then they are all going to make one. This is so much fun!!!

I'd have your students first try something like Photostory 3 (the story application in Windows on your computer.). This would be quicker to use right away. Then after they get the basic hang of it, try voicethread. But I think most teachers should get photostory 3 under their belts first.

That said, there is merit in jumping right in too.

Here are a few applications that I listed on a thread, on my own site.

Here are some possible uses that I've seen done well there.

1) introduce yourself - great for the beginning of the year, signing up for anything etc... Here is the original Classroom 2.0 map started by Susan who helps me in my own community and I'm endebted to here contributions...

2) geography, where are you ,where have traveled (see above) I love this one of an elementary 4th grade teacher. Well done!

3) advice. One person posts up something and others come and ask for advice. They are responded to and so on... See the famous Love advice on the main page......he's so cute!

4) Art appreciation. Art is posted and viewers comment.
Here is one of my own.....from a very popular ppt I have on my resource site that I created.

5) Explanation, just like a chalk board and I have my own chalkboard picture I use for this application. What you write on the board fades after about 5 seconds.

6) Stories. Especially with multiple voices. Or each person is asked to continue the story, orally. See this amazing version of the 3 pigs.

Here is a thread that talks about overall features .
Oh my thank you for the wonderful resources. These are amazing, my head is spinning with ideas.
I made a blog post about Voicethread, continuing and including the above.....without going into the brain dynamics and why it is so pedagogically sound (with its finally attuned randomly generated system of rewards.) .

I'm going to post up my own series of photos and get others to tell the story. Should be great to compare all the different voices...

You are such a wealth of resources. Hope I get to meet you in person at a conference someday!!!



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