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I am looking for examples of VoiceThread projects from teachers and classrooms. I would really appreciate it if you could share your experience in my Instructional Technology for Elementary Educators Classroom 2.0 site. There are lots of topics to join in discussion and you are more than welcome to join all our discussions. The more the better!!!

We are beginning a unit now on VoiceThread and I would love for my students to see examples from your classrooms. These students are all going to be classroom teachers very, very soon. The discussion is called VoiceThread.

Also, have you found another tool like this that you would like to share, we would love to hear about it.

Our classroom 2.0 ning site is: http://tecs390fhsu.ning.com/">http://tecs390fhsu.ning.com/

Come join us please.

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We will be using voice thread in the 5th and 6th grade efl program, as a place where students can practice, and use the language they are learning, and hopefully "meet" other efl students too.
Here is the link to the thread.
As the year progresses we will be adding more slides to the thread to enable students to tell about their hobbies, families, homes, places they visit etc.
Oh my, that is super. I will also share with Modern Languages instructors on campus. Thank you.
I will try to get over to your site. But, I do like voice thread and have seen it used successfully as a digital storytelling device.
Have you seen wimba - http://www.wimba.com/
I have another one that I have used, but am having a "senior moment" and can't think of it.
I went back to my source (Webheads) and found that application:

I really like it and have seen it used in several great applications. For example:
Asking everyone to reply on what the weather is on a particular day (or week) - then starting the request for responses through all means possible. You would be surprised how "news" travels.

I have also seen people give opinions on a particular topic. etc.
It is fun.

Wonderbar! This is a great application. Simple, efficient. I'd gotten a notification awhile back from them but it got buried. Thanks for sharing and reminding me! This is particularly great for language learners, my field. I really see some great developments in how technology can help others learn language - more so than any other area of study, imo....

But overall, a great tool. I've been adding jokes there all morning!

And another that I once started (during an online course)
Vaestro: http://www.vaestro.com/

My channel for PD.
Wimba is interesting, I am currently using Moodle and am thankful at the moment. Out Campus uses Blackboard, so I am the rebel. But at the moment they are having all kinds of problems with Blackboard and it is not working properly. From campus faculty email, it has been down again all weekend, boy am I glad I am using Moodle!!! Will spend some time exploring Wimba. Thank you for sharing.
Just for fun - I found one of my older Chinswing threads - it would be fun to have folks continue it and it would give everyone the idea of how it works.

Try it out.
I continue to find it incredible how many neat widgets there are for so many different purposes. I just posted links to these programs on the Classroom 2.0 wiki.
I saw this posting and decided to investigate Voicethread myself. I made a sample presentation and then couldn't figure out a way to get back to it and edit it. Didn't find a lot of clear help on the site. While it seems to be fairly intuitive it's not completely intuitive. The other issue that concerns me is that it seems to be that unless you keep a presentation completely private anyone can come along and alter it or add inappropriate comments. Is there a way to delete such comments once they've been made. I'm just a "newbie" there so maybe I'm not reading the directions correctly.
Hi Barry, I'm not sure about the new version which is still in beta, but the original version allowed for the following
public with no comments
public with free commenting
public with moderated commenting
and of course private, invited guests only.

You get to them from the options button I think in the "edit" interface.

By the way I've had an open thread up there for well over 2months 89 comments from different people and not one innaproppriate
I was in the beta version and didn't find the edit interface at all! Guess I'll have to go back and look. As for not having inappropriate comments, that might be just because the whole idea is not that well known. Look what happened to blogging. You don't dare use a non-educational blog provider with students nowadays because of the way that spam and obscene images on blogs have proliferated. I think it's only a matter of time before that happens on voicethread. What is to prevent anyone from uploading an obscene picture to the site and making it public?



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