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I am looking for examples of VoiceThread projects from teachers and classrooms. I would really appreciate it if you could share your experience in my Instructional Technology for Elementary Educators Classroom 2.0 site. There are lots of topics to join in discussion and you are more than welcome to join all our discussions. The more the better!!!

We are beginning a unit now on VoiceThread and I would love for my students to see examples from your classrooms. These students are all going to be classroom teachers very, very soon. The discussion is called VoiceThread.

Also, have you found another tool like this that you would like to share, we would love to hear about it.

Our classroom 2.0 ning site is: http://tecs390fhsu.ning.com/">http://tecs390fhsu.ning.com/

Come join us please.

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Those are good questions. There also seems to be a way to save them than put on your own site. I suspect there may be more control that way. Also, I emailed them a question the other day and had a response the next day. So, might be worth an email question to find out. If you get an answer, let us all know.
Here is a link to a VoiceThread project developed by Alan Upton...an innovative teacher in Adelaide, South Australia.

If you Google 'Alan Upton + minilegends' you'll get quite a few links to other classroom projects he runs with his Year 4 students.

Oh my goodness, Just amazing, thank you for sharing. And wow, doing the Google search produced a wealth of stuff form my student to explore. thank you
Although this is for high school, thought it might give an example of how librarians/teachers could use this tool to help students make good research choices!

This is one I created for my campus:

Thank you, excellent example. Showed it to the Library staff here at FHSU.

Super use of voicethread and I like how you detailed the project in a wiki and embedded the voicethreads. (but it takes looooooong to load).

I will show this as an example to the high school teachers I'm teaching here in Korea. They could use the photos like this for students to comment on animals and their adaptations and use their English.

Another point we've been discussing on my own ning -- I think it would be cool if teachers have a good set of photos to use with students on voicethread, they upload and zip them, to share with other teachers. That way another teacher could use the photographs but have their voice, the voice of the student's own teacher directing....they'd just have to work out some file sharing way. I'm going to start it on our own ning, as soon as I have more voicethreads.

"Book Talks" I think it would be neat for students to create a VoiceThread account, and then, throughout the year they could share about books they read. For example, students could tell about characters, setting, summaries, what they enjoy about their book, and so on. That way, other students can get brief overviews of possible books they could read.

That is a super idea on how to use voicethread! I'm always amazed (but really never....) at how many astoundingly creative ideas voicethread can provoke. This is actually one great way for teachers to create "literature circles". Forget the carpet and chairs, pull them up to their computers!




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