We are working so hard in all aspects of education to change the methods we use and to truly impact the learning outcomes. However, are we changing our methods in all areas of the curriculum?

The reason I ask this is because I work with my entire staff, including Health and Physical Education staff, and they are just as active, curious, and experimental in bringing technology into their planning and lesson design. But we are finding that there is little support for this area of the curriculum.

Does anyone know of ways that this area of study is changing in the ways that other areas are changing? Thanks!

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Hi everyone!

I just joined to this group and found this interesting topic. I'm from Finland and working on a School of the Future-program where we are trying to take our schools into the 21st century. One of the supporting co-projects is the so called "SmartGym" idea where we are trying to implement techonology into PE as helping tool for teaching and learning. The project is waiting for the funding decision but the ideas are ready. One of the aims is to activate those students that don't like or don't excercise the daily amounts. Another target group is the special need kids. When we are ready to start I would like to challenge you all think the ways of doing it.

Try to make contact with Kristian Still, who's a member of CR 2.0. You'll also find an interview I did with him on my www.edtechlive.com site. Kristian is the "PE Geek." :)
He's a really great guy. Hope you make contact with him. Take care!
I have tried introducing this subject slowly to our PE teachers. I'm the TRT for the building. I am in a new building this year, but last year, we mostly used SmartBoards and video programs, such as Windows Movie Maker and imovie. With the SmartBoards there are several lessons you can download or are stored in the lesson activity toolkit that involve the health curriculum. We have been able to show the students how body functions work, such as the lungs. I'm not sure if the newest version (10) has it, but I know at one time there was also a football field that you could use and run plays on. Drawing where students should go, etc. or using it with your football team and breaking down a game. There may be other such graphics.

As far as the movies/videos go, we use these with making PSA's about drugs, smoking, alcohol abuse, etc. and the dangers out there. For older students, you could also have them create videos about driving and the right and wrong rules of the road.

Hope these ideas help you.
In our district, we recently had grades 5- 8 create fitness logs through the Presidential Physical Fitness website. The fitness logs allow the kids to chart all of the activities they participate in as well as receive cummulative point totals for their activities. The points can then go towards awards if you want to order them from the organization. The students can even compare their activity levels with other students in the district ( who are signed up as well), state, or nationally The physical education classes worked in conjuction with the computer teacher/lab. The students set up their profiles in the labs during their designated PE time, but can update their logs at the end of their technology classes or even at home if they have internet access. The technology teacher is in the process of setting up a desktop in the gymnasium/cafeteria so that students can access/update their journals during lunch or the end of the gym period.

What your question looks like when put to my Twitter network. I am eduinnovation.

richeddy @eduinnovation Wii?

@richeddy Yes, was also thinking that Nike Apple iPod Sport Kit. I wondering though if these are the easy surface answers.

dancallahan @eduinnovation for running, think the Nike+iPod system, or even GPS based performance reviews

ehelfant @eduinnovation PE changes - Dance dance revolution, wi fit- coaching changes 2- ipod game reviews, marking video for performance assessment

richeddy @eduinnovation Easy surface answers, absolutely...now you are making me think more deeply!

@ehelfant Excellent. Wondering if there will be need to ensure team sports because learners are becoming more collaborative.

@richeddy Physical fitness activties that require problem solving and team work. This was part of my Marine Corps bootcamp experience.

A brief glimpse from the Twittervers of @eduinnovation
Hi all,
I feel qualified to comment on this one as I have taught PE over the last two years and next year I am moving into ICT coordination. I also just attended the same conference as Elishsa and there was a lot of great game based resources presented. I think there is a role for the Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit for a creative, risk taking PE teacher out there.
I also feel there are some great interactive whiteboard resources out there for teaching strategy in games. echalk.uk have great interactives for introducing games, position and basic strategy (although it does cost $).
PDA's with video and imaging capabilities are also good ways of recording performance and giving students visual feedback on the spot. Video assessment is also something that I've been involved with. When imported into imovie it makes assessment very clear and easy.
I am attending the ACHPER conference here in Melbourne and I am pleased to see that workshops on using IWB's are on the agenda.



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