Okay, I spoke to a teacher yesterday that had a great excuse for NOT taking her kids to the computer lab:

"It takes 7 minutes to get there. If it takes seven minutes in both directions, that is 14 minutes out of the day. Too much time wasted!"

So, that leads to today's contest:

What is the best excuse you have ever heard from a teahcer NOT to use technology?

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oh yeah--I am a union rep and I hear a real lot of that one. Many of my fellow teachers totally disagree with my podcasting. When I am absent for a couple of days, I use the podcasts in my classroom for use by the subs. My colleagues flip out.

My response is, the district values me much more as a result of my work. My podcasts have transformed my classroom. My students are learning more than before! They feel like they have a chance. They are not giving up!

I don't think that I will be the first on the list to be cut by the district. :)

Sue P
I do not like to download things.

-3rd Grade teacher
"I'm going retire in a few years."


"I'm too old for that."


"My students already perform great on state tests; I don't need to change instruction."
Another great defensive line: "I will never learn technology skills until I'm forced to do so, and then paid for my time spent learning."
When my son was still in High School (graduated college May 2007), I showed his English teacher a Free tool call Research Organizer for making a bibliography or works cited. There are better ones now like NoodleTools and EasyBib. But her answer to me was,

"He could not use that for his research paper because he would never learn to format it properly."

Ok, that is like saying I can't use a caculator because I will never learn to add!!!
I sure hope so! I have a degree in English and actually taught English at one point early in my career. I remember learning how to annotate, but I also remember always finding an example and just plugging in my info. I am not sure I ever really learned how to do that. I am so grateful there are tools that make these takes easier. What I wonder is why is it really all that important where the comma is or the semicolon, etc. Who decided it was life or death!!!
I have to fulminate here. The lilliputian minds who create bibligraphy standards - take them away! Who cares? By which I mean (and I would consider myself a scholar; in many fields) surely the point we want to make is that our students will attribute their sources appropriately - and an in-line reference may be the go, a hyperlink, a footnote, or an end-note. How many commas, colons, spaces, publisher or place of publication are so much minutiae. I suspect a lot of folks who had to write these things themselves are simply enjoying payforward (it can't be payback, because their students are innocent of this crime at least!)
or: I don't let my kids use calculators because they'll never learn how to use a slide rule!
My favorite so far- I am going to post it! And, it seems to me, this is the most accurate analogy :D
Don't think math teachers don't say that - and believe it.
when a 6th grade teacher was asked why she didn't take her students to the computer lab to complete their internet research she replied " the solar flares are interrupting the internet signal"

interior alaska
My favorite one, "The kids will get into something bad and I will get in trouble!"



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