What's the easy and smart way to publish Presentation shows with soundtracks, texts and pics online?
I know about online sites where to build and share Presentations, but the solution is not flexible enough for me.
I also know I have to save .ppt- presentations for CD presentations, but is it possible to publish the files on a blog, or do I have to have my own domain and website?
(I'm a Norwegian teacher, trying to publish learning material for special needs- pupils.. Dyslectics.) and found it easiest to compose the slides, import the slides to PhotoStory and made the rest with voice and mic.)
Rather poor pic. quality at ..tor.blogr.com
Perhaps I'm blind, but could you please help?

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I think that slideshare might be a link to look into. Check out the links below


Here's a presentation that explains the site as well.

Thanks a lot!
Think I'll try it out. Knew Slideshare, but not Slideshare+Podcast..
:-) :-)
Share Presentations online? Please read my article at

By the way, I have another article about Google Presentation which you might be interested in, please go to

I only use slideshare.net to "present" an example of my presentations. Users are then given the address or can browse and download the one they like on my storage site.

I also convert many of my ppts to flash with Flash Spring. Highly recommended and the demo version is free and has all the benefits of a pro version except for a small watermark and final slide both which won't effect your presentation. I spent a whole week trying out all kinds of ppt coverters and this one does the job.

But I've still to find any ppt to flash converter that will handle multiple animations, action buttons etc....just not possible I think. I'm waiting on an invite to SlideRocket and hope that will be the workable and affordable option.

You can see my slideshare slides at www.slideshare.net/ddeubel

Thanks! I've made my first FlashSpring- file, and yes, it worked out fine!
Tell about SlideRocket when you have an invite. :-)
I use a Mac and recently purchased the iWork suite. I love it, and especially the presentation software (called Keynote) that makes it easy to turn your presentation into a clickable Quicktime file, a PDF, Flash, or photo slideshow. These can then easily be put on a blog, as I did for a class presentation recently.
"is it possible to publish the files on a blog"

Hi Tor. Yes, it is possible to publish the files on a blog without having to have your own domain. If you were to create a ning account to host your material, for instance, you will have the ability to upload videos and get them stored on the ning server. There is a limit, of course. For ning, it is: 500 MB for private content (on the "my page" of any user) and 5 GB for public content (on the main page).

If you choose to upload your videos on youTube or other services (there is a 10 minutes limit on youTube that you don't have on other services), then the file is hosted there. You only have to copy and paste the "embed code" provided and copy it in your blog post. The files are hosted on youTube and never moved to the domain hosting your blog, so this doesn't count for the limit mentioned above. Same if you are using slideshare to publish your content.

Feel free to ask more questions if you have (I have my own domain and I am quite familiar with different set ups).
On "found it easiest to compose the slides, import the slides to PhotoStory and made the rest with voice and mic.", check out voice thread in case it is of any help. It's a tool for adding audio recordings on picture-based presentations.

Hi Tor and everyone else.


prezage (only last week went live) aims to overcome these kinds of problems of bringing together a rich multimedia presentation in one place (built on HTML5 with only the video player as flash - but falls back to quicktime on IOS/macOS and to HTML5-audio as a final fallback). The best way to find out is to go to prezage.com and browse the talks, and there's an introduction prez there as well.


Please consider prezage.com (will always be free to produce & consume) or prezage Enterprise (a number of license levels for a private system delivered to your team/students) depending on your needs.


Hope to see you there.



You can also create a wikispace and embed presentations.  Then your students just log in to the wikispace to see them


I have just started using Prezi.com The presentations are modern, fresh and interactive. The best bit I think is it is soo simple to imbed a You Tube video to get a bit more content involved.

Check it out!




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