I am wanting to branch out of our building and do some sharing activities with anyone who would be interested. I would be willing to connect you with a K-5 classroom to develop a project. If you are interested, please leave a response for me so we can start planning. Thank you for your time.

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Craig, we are always looking for contributors, users, reviewers at openhistoryproject.org. I've previously thought in terms of HS and up for direct contributions, but with all the students are learning about web 2.0 these days, yours could probably work on some sort of review process that gave us all feedback on many of these resources that teach with sound, motion, and interactivity.
Hi Craig, Our school is k-5 with six-eight homerooms for each grade. 2nd-5th graders come to my lab on a regular basis, but with so many classes in each grade it had been a challenge to find connections for all classes. Currently 4th and 5th graders are creating wiki webpages in wikispaces and will integrate other applications later. We would love more classes to join us.
I can be very flexible with 2nd-3rd grade projects. Let's start planning.
I have some 2nd grade classrooms that have been dabbling in Voicethread. They are currently just talking about things they are learning about in their classrooms. Maybe we could put together a couple of online collaboration projects that would allow us to share different aspects of our school so we could learn about students from another part of the country. Let me know if you are interested.
Hi, I teach 3rd grade. I have only just created a class blog and wiki. I am reluctant to start the students working on it until I have a better idea myself of how to work everything. Also I don't want them to start without a clear idea of what I want them to achieve. Do you think mastering the technology is enough of a purpose?
Hi Craig.

I am a relief teacher in a prep class for 3 weeks starting Monday. If the year level and timing suit I would love to hear from you.

Christine Spence
There are several projects posted at the Global Education Collaborative ning if you're looking for projects and partners. One project that I've started is a Cities Around the World wiki for approximately 3rd to 5th grade classes.

Here's the basic description:
"Many students around the world study geography and specifically, cities. In the United States, this commonly takes place in third grade. This project, however, is open to any school class that would like to participate.

The main purpose of this online space is to provide a place for students and teachers to store information and artifacts created during these city units of study. Because material related to several different cities will be published here, students will be able to compare and contrast their home cities with those of other kids. Teachers will benefit as well by establishing relationships with teachers around the world and by gleaning project ideas from these online colleagues. All people involved will also hone their technological and collaborative skills by working in this wiki environment.

There are no hard and fast rules for the Cities Around the World wiki. Teachers can select any activity in which to participate, and are encouraged to edit the wiki by adding their own ideas."

This wiki is currently private, but anyone is welcome to join in order to check it out or participate. Visit this link and request an invitation.
Thanks Lucy.

I'll check the link to Global Education. Your wiki sounds great, I'll keep it in mind for older students - sounds a bit ambitious for preps. I did try to post to Distance Collaborations but inadvertently sent a message.

I will definately take a look at the Cities Around the World wiki. I also started a Christmas Around the World Voicethread today, so please take a look at it, and send it to anyone you would like. It is located at: http://voicethread.com/view.php?b=9891. My hopes is that people from around the world will put together different voicethreads sharing their Holiday traditions, that we can all take part in. It would be a great learning experience for everyone. I hope to get someone from each continent to comment. I already have recieved a comment from New Zealand, so only 5 more to go.
You know... I saw the Christmas Around the World project that you posted and it's a great idea. However, keep in mind that not everyone celebrates Christmas and might be sensitive to this. I think it would be better titled Holidays Around the World, but it's your project. Just my two cents...




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